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Dear Author/s,

SuGyaan is a medium for keen researchers to publish their unpublished research findings that are of interest to the academic community and industry. It is also a medium for industry professionals to share their best practices. The journal encourages publication of application of theory to real life management activities Editorial Advisory & Review Panel: Eminent persons from the academic community and industry are guiding the journal in its Endeavour. Professors from reputed institutions from India and abroad are members of the review panel.

Frequency: The Journal is published bi-annually in the months of July and December.

Content Mix: The journal prefers to publish conceptually sound and methodologically rigorous papers that advance the body of knowledge. The journal would publish Empirical Research Findings, Conceptual Papers, Literature Reviews, Case Studies, Synopsis of Doctoral Theses and Book Reviews, summaries of the Ph.D. thesis, round table of academicians, policymakers, industry experts on any topic relevant to present business scenario and articles on contemporary business issues.

Review Process: SuGyaan is a referred journal. All manuscripts submitted for publication would be screened by the editor for relevance to our journal. Appropriate manuscripts would be put through ‘double-blind review process’ that may normally take four to eight weeks. Accepted manuscripts may be edited to suit the journal’s format. Wherever possible reviewer’s feedback will be provided. However, the journal has no binding to provide detailed feedback in every case including the contributions rejected.

Copyright: Published manuscripts are exclusive copyright of SuGyaan, Management, Journal of Siva Sivani Institute of Management. The copyright includes electronic distribution as well.

Format and Style:

  • Articles should not exceed 10000 words (10-15 A-4 size pages, typed in double space) including charts, tables and other annexure.
  • An abstract not exceeding 150 words should be included in the beginning of the paper.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate.
  • Author’s name, designation, official address etc., should be mentioned only on the cover page. Author’s identity should not be mentioned anywhere else in the paper.
  • Only those sources that are cited in the text should be mentioned. References should be listed as per the standard publication norms for journals.
  • Tables and Figures: Their location in the text should be indicated as follows:

Table-I about here

    • Endnotes: All notes should be indicated by serial numbers in the text and literature cited should be detailed under reference in alphabetical order of the surnames followed by year of publications at the end of
      the author’s name. (Footnotes should be avoided)
    • References: The list should mention only those sources actually cited in the text or notes. Author’s name should be the same as in the original source.
    • In the text, the references should appear as follows: Hofstede (1983) has elucidated .. or recent studies (Frank 1993; Berry, 2001) indicate…
    • Journal references should be listed as follows: Yagil, D (2002), Ingratiation and Assertiveness in the Service Provider-Customer Dyad. Journal of Service Research, Vol 3, Issue 2, pp 345-353.
    • Books should be referred to as follows: Pfeffer, J. (1981). Power in Organizations, Boston, MA: Pittman.
    • Along with the manuscript, authors should provide a declaration that article is original, not published anywhere else and not under review with any other publication.
    • Authors will receive a complimentary copy of the journal in which their article is published.
    • Authors have to submit a declaration stating that the paper is original and is not currently under review with any other Journal.

We look forward to your contributions for the next issue in Jan – June & July – December 2018. The last date for receipt of manuscripts is November 1st, 2018.

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh,
Professor – Marketing and Director,
Siva Sivani Institute of Management, NH-44, Kompally, Via-Hakimpet, Secunderabad-500100, Telangana.
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Email:, Mobile: 8019591508

Correspondence to Assistant Editor
Manuscript and all correspondence has to be addressed to
Dr. Kompalli Sasi Kumar, Asstistant Editor
Siva Sivani Institute of Management, NH-44, Kompally, Via-Hakimpet, Secunderabad-500100, Telangana.
Phones: 040-27165451-54, Fax No.040-27165452, Mobile: 9848192864. Website:
Manuscript can also be submitted by electronic format via e-mail to :,