Student wise Placement Report 2017-18

SSIM congratulates successful students of PGDM (Triple Specialization), PGDM (Marketing), PGDM (BIFAAS), and PGDM (HR) during 2017- 2018 for having been placed, so far 70 Students placed in different reputed companies, and still placements are in progress.

S.NO. Roll No. Name Of the Student Company Name
1 11-TPS-49 Ms.K.P.Chandni Stratagem
2 25-031 Mr.Mohammed Mahaboob TIME Pvt Ltd
3 11-TPS-20 Ms. Anna Mary K TIME Pvt Ltd
4 11-TPS-12 Mr. David Jerome Xavier TIME Pvt Ltd
5 25-018 Mr. Shashank Racha TIME Pvt Ltd
6 25-016 Mr.Abhishek Venkata Gorrila CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
7 11-TPS-36 Mr.S. Akash Reddy CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
8 25-010 Ms.Batta Hanisha Chowdary CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
9 25-063 Mr. GUNA ANIL CHANDRA CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
10 M11-TPS-35 Mr. MANOJ REDDY SAMALA CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
11 M11-TPS-03 Mr.Ravi.Agarwal CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
12 M11-TPS-37 Ms.Sarella Sreeja CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
13 M11-TPS-38 Mr.Shaik Nazeer CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
14 M11-TPS-42 Mr.T. Girish Goud CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
15 M11-TPS-46 Mr.Uddaraju Nitish Varma CeaseFire Industries Pvt Ltd
16 24-00715A15 Mr.Arnab Paul Karvy Stock Broking
17 B10-35 Ms.S.Soumya Sree Karvy Stock Broking
18 25-029 Mr.Mantri Narashima Surya Sampath Franchise Business Solutions
19 M11-TPS-23 Mr.Mohammed Naseem Ahmed Franchise Business Solutions
20 M11-TPS-21 Mr.Rahul Kolipyak Franchise Business Solutions
21 M11-TPS-13 Mr.Kiran Suresh Dawat Franchise Business Solutions
22 25-004 Mr.Akshay Ingale Deloitte
23 25-002 Mr.Aashi Srivastav Deloitte
24 B10-36 Ms.Sailee Sharma Deloitte
25 25-45 Ms.S Hima Bindu Deloitte
26 B10-28 Ms.Bhhargavi Manthrre Deloitte
27 B10-02 Mr.Amit Agarwal Deloitte
28 25-84 Mr.Supratik Dyagal Deloitte
29 B10-18 Mr.Vamsi Reddy GunnamReddy Deloitte
30 25-021 Mr.Abhishek Kanole Deloitte
31 M11-TPS-18 Mr.Jasveer Singh Deloitte
32 25-079 Mr.Raj Acharya Deloitte
33 M11-TPS-24 Mr.Monu Rinkesh Raam Group
34 M11-TPS-51 Ms.Nivedita Roy Thickshake factory
35 B10-014 Mr.Krishna Teja Thickshake factory
36 M11-TPS-28 Mr.Harish Parri Thickshake factory
37 B10-025 Mr.Aditya Mahanti Thickshake factory
38 H10-06 Mr.Akash Thickshake factory
39 h10-04 Ms.Kavya Thickshake factory
40 M11-tps-01 Ms.Aditi Kanungo Cocubes-Aon Hewitt
41 M11-tps-22 Mr. M. Naga Vamsi Krishna ICICI SECURITIES
42 M11- tps -27 Mr.P.Sumanth Reddy ICICI SECURITIES
43 25-040 Mr.Prakhar Singh ICICI SECURITIES
44 25-083 Mr. Sankalpa kumar Panda Tata Motors Finance Limited
45 M11-tps-25 Mr. Mysa Prashanth Tata Motors Finance Limited
46 25-037 Mr.P.Vishal Yadav Tata Motors Finance Limited
47 M11-TPS-38 Mr.Shaik Nazeer ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
48 B10-41 Mr. T. Venkata Anish Kumar ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
49 M11-TPS-46 Mr.U.Nitish Varma ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
50 25-006 Mr.Amar Aravapall ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
51 25-007 Ms.Mounica Avuthu ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
52 B10-23 Mr.M.Pranay Jangam ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
53 25-055 Mr.Y.Sainath ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
54 25-105 Mr.Raju Gokam ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
55 M11-TPS-42 Mr.T.Girish Goud ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
56 B10-47 Mr.M. KIRAN KUMAR ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
57 M11-TPS-36 Mr.S. Akash Reddy ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
58 B10-0246 Ms.shanti kumar marri ICICI Bank
59 M11-TPS-29 Mr.Pasam Kedareshwar ICICI Bank
60 B10-033 Mr.Rohit Gupta ICICI Bank
61 M11-TPS-19 Mr.Joshi Prasad ICICI Bank
62 B10-040 Mr.Saisanthosh Sunku ICICI Bank
63 B10-034 Mr.S Koushik ICICI Bank
64 B10-011 Mr.Dhatrika Sai Kiran ICICI Bank
65 M11-TPS-43 Mr.T Shiva Venkata Sai Kumar ICICI Bank
66 M11-TPS-32 Mr.Rajnish Pandey ICICI Bank
67 B10-037 Sapireddy Sai Charan ICICI Bank
68 M11-TPS-035 Manoj Reddy Samala ICICI Bank
69 M11-TPS-55 Kongara Vamshi Krishna Raam Group
70 H10-TPS-18 Vuppuluri Venkata Veena Reshma Soctronics


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