Smt. Vidya Bhandarker

[styled_title]Smt. Vidya Bhandarker – Assistant Professor[/styled_title]


She has a Master of Science in Media Studies from Texas Christian University, United States and a Master of Arts in Sociology from Osmania University, India. She has a broad background in Psychology, Sociology and Linguistics. Her thesis, “An Exploratory Survey on Workplace Experiences of Women Correspondents from the Developing World assigned to Cover Washington, D.C,” was published in the book “Silent Voices,” eds. Doug A. Newsom and Bob J.Carrell, University Press of America. She has worked in several non-profit organizations in the US including the American Red Cross. Widely travelled she brings the essence of her travels, studies and experiences across continents and cultures to the classroom. Her current passion is to nurture connections between South Africa and India.


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