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PGDM Marketing

This program has been designed keeping in the mind the high market demand for marketing personnel. It was started in 2006. The PGDM Marketing curriculum is constantly revised and redesigned in order to cater to the changing needs and demands of the commercial market. Topics such as Visual Merchandising, Marketing of IT and ITES, Corporate communications, ERP, Field sales management etc and courses like ERP ensure that students are competent to work in an IT-based environment. Students are given a glimpse of the real world of marketing by exposure to live, on-going projects in corporate sectors. Also, there is a lot of scope and career opportunities in PGDM Marketing.

The programme strengthens students to face challenging roles in this competitive world and organization at large with a huge instinctive value system. The PGDM Marketing course has been refined in a way to verify the overall development of a human being so that he/she may commit fully to society and the nation in terms of social growth and economic.

Programme Objectives

The programme develops an individual and helps him/her to tackle their true potential through cohesive efforts, observational learning, group exercises, self-study, marketing concepts, strategic management, communication skills, product management, human resource management, and research projects. The programme aims to:

1. Develop the essential skills for personal growth and leadership in a marketing environment.

2. Sharpen the student’s decision making abilities in the day-to-day work business circumstances.

3. Create brand management strategies and responsibilities as marketing professionals.

4. It empowers them to optimize, enlarge and diversify their operations.

Programme Structure

The two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Marketing) programme includes six trimesters. The course structure has been designed to assure that the management graduates of SSIM develop a wise mix of strategic thinking, specialized data, plan of action implementation and general management skills. In the first year, the focus is mainly on basic courses, to build a solid bedrock visionary and analytical skills, required for pursuing specially designed study in different functional areas. The students have to proceeds 21 core courses along with a personal and mutual success Lab and undertake summer training at the end of the year. The scholars also have the possibility to take a foreign language as an optional course. To get a promotion to second-year students should have a minimum CGPA of 5.00 and not more than three F/I Grades. In the second year, the scholars have to go for 14 electives in addition to the two mandatory courses. This implements them to pursue detailed and accurate learning in the areas of their specialization. The electives cover a minimum of two functional areas, which prepares the SSIM graduates to hone their multiple functional skills. As one of the fourteen electives, students will decide on End-Term Project, whereby they conduct analysis on a table of their selection, underneath the steering of a faculty member and submit a report of their findings. Also, they have summer training at the end of the year.

Summer Training

Each student id needed to undertake summer coaching in a company of repute for the length of 8-10 weeks as a part of the course information once the trimester examination. Moreover, they need to undertake a project assignment with corporate. This project training provides a chance to the scholars to possess a first-hand sensible exposure and permits them to relate the abstract and analytical skills collected in the classroom to actual social control practices.

PGDM Marketing Syllabus