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PGDM General

PGDM General is the crown jewel of the institute. The programme develops the students to begin challenging responsibilities in this constantly changing corporate universe and the community at large with deep-rooted value system. The programme has been advanced in a way to certify the comprehensive development of a mortal so that the student may subsidize fully to the high society and nation in terms of social development and economic.

Programme Design:

The programme supports independent and guides scholars to tackle their true potential through industry interface, group exercises, integrated efforts, case studies, experiential learning, research projects, and self-study. An objective of the programme is to:

1. Develop into socially responsible citizen and become excellent and successful managers.

2. Transmit professional education in present-day techniques related to business.

3. Advance understanding of ethics, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility.

4. Hook up with the undetermined, dynamic and disruptive world.

Programme Structure:

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management (General) Programme is designed to assure that the management graduates of SSIM develop a cautious blend of specialized knowledge, tactical implementation, strategic thinking, and general management skills. The scholars have to take 21 courses with a social and personal effectiveness lab. Students can also have an opportunity to take a foreign language as an optional course. At the end of the year, the pupil will have summer training.

Summer Training:

As part of the course curriculum, every student will have 8-10 weeks of summer training after the third-trimester exams. Also, they will have a project assignment with a company. The project work helps them to have understanding practical liability and relate to the skills which you are acquired in.

PGDM General Syllabus