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PGDM Business Analytics

PGDM Business Analytics in Hyderabad

I. What is business analytics?

Business Analytics is an integration between business/problem context, technology and data science (Statistics) that assists data driven decision making/problem solving. This course will build strong foundations relating to emerging fields like Artificial Intelligence, Advance Machine Learning Algorithms and Cloud Computing techniques. This is a unique course blended with features of business acumen, technology and Statistics. This course is very useful for students who are willing to build their careers in the area of Analytics. This course focuses on each function and its application in different sectors of the industry. Students will be focusing on Marketing Analytics, Financial Analytics, HR Analytics, Operational Analytics etc.

II. This course is useful to anyone who

1. Gives Importance and value to the data in the present business world.
2. May not be a technocrat but is tech savvy.
3. Acquired Techno commercial skills & Knowledge.
4. Is looking for prospective career in the field of data sciences.

III. What can you expect to gain from this program?

This program will help you:-
1. Develop a strong understanding of the business analytical skills.
2. Understand the nature of business analytical competition.
3. Explain how organisations are competing on Business Analytics with internal and external processes.
4. Learn various data analytics software tools to solve business problems quickly.
5. Align a robust technical environment with business strategies.
6. Enhance your managerial competency skills.

IV. Roles that you can perform after successful completion of the course.

1. Data Analyst
2. Data Scientist
3. Business Analyst
4. Business intelligence Analyst
5. Financial Analyst
6. Marketing Analytics Manager
7. Pricing Analyst
8. Supply Chain Analyst
9. Website Analyst
10. Fraud Analyst
11. Retail Sales Analyst
12. Clinical Analyst
These are not the only opportunities; the use of business analytics is widespread in all the industries. Whether you are working in the field of IT, Banking, Insurance, Human Resource or any other department, there will always be a requirement for Business analytics.

Program Specific Objectives:

• To gain an understanding of how managers use business analytics to formulate and solve business problems and to support managerial decision making.
• Apply principles and skills of economics, marketing, and decision making to contexts and environments in data science.
• Build and enhance business intelligence capabilities by adapting the appropriate technology and software solutions.
• Provide scholars with leading-edge analytical skills in various functional areas of business.


• The first B – School in two Telugu speaking states offering two year, full time, AICTE approved PGDM (Business Analytics) course.
• B – School embedded Harvard Business School Online Business Analytics program with a certificate from the Harvard Business School Online.
• Offering advanced data analytics software like Python, R, Tableau, IBM-SPSS. For cloud computing HIVE, PIG and Spark, and BI tools Advanced Excel, Power BI and Tableau.
• Providing facility for self-learn modules from MOOCS.
• Having MOUs for consulting, knowledge exchange with leading global schools and organisations.
• Offering various short term international immersion programs.
• Experiential learning through simulations and data driven analytics in Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR.
• Delivered by the best faculty and industry leaders from across the country.
• Exposure to latest curriculum with faculty from the academia and industry.
• An appropriate blend of business domain knowledge and analytics knowledge in 2 years full-time course.

PGDM – Business Analytics Course Structure:

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