Faculty and Research

Faculty Team:

Siva Sivani Institute of Management has a group of eminent and accomplished faculty. Each one specialists in their own areas of expertise, the faculty at SSIM have been practicing professionals prior to teaching at the institute and are well-known academicians. They are committed to fostering a student community who are well-informed, skilled and competent to face the professional world. Apart from in-house faculty, SSIM also has visiting faculty from various prestigious institutions across the world. The presence of these faculty enables students to broaden their academic arenas and evolve a global perspective. Many professionals from prestigious and top-ranked firms of the industry visit the institute. They provide training and conduct workshops that give the students a hands-on experience of the commercial world. Visiting faculty who are entrepreneurs not only impart knowledge to students of the Business school but also prove to be a great source of inspiration for them.

Research Team:

At SSIM research is largely issue focused, applied, connected to the real world and action (influencing policy and/or problem solving) oriented. It is also directed at strengthening teaching and training and to the improvement of management. SSIM believes that there is a thin dividing line, if any, between consulting and research. While the output of consulting is often private and confidential, the emphasis in research is to wider dissemination through publication and adding to the existing knowledge base.

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