Director’s Message

Anil Ramesh Director of SSIM

Management education has evolved into being a premier choice among the post-graduation degrees for students all over the world. The growing complexity of business, coupled with quantum leaps in technological advances has made this course futuristic in it’s outlook, attracting the best minds to unravel and chart new directions for organizations. Business education provided by business schools should, therefore, integrate these vagaries in the environment to build a competent talent base.

PGDM at SSIM is an expedition which helps an individual get acquainted with business expertise and business functionalities. The degree confers one with prospects to broaden his/her aptitude and apply it in the job. Faculty at the institute ensures that the student acquires knowledge, analyzes concepts in a given organizational context and experience personality growth. The whole learning process provides an individual with a strong base to mould careers. These synergetic efforts bring significant changes in the life of a student’s career.

The benefits of studying PGDM are numerous especially at SSIM since we provide a different experience in terms of learning through exceptionally qualified faculty members, teaching techniques, the case studies and direct attention of faculty members. We at Siva Sivani Institute of Management stress on Co-curricular activities of the student which include Personality Development, club activities, language skills, Book review sessions and so on. The purpose behind all this to develop a holistic personality, efficient enough to contribute to an organization as well as to the society. In our endeavor to unearth the talent that lies embedded in each student, we look forward to creative ways to engage and empower future leaders! We give them opportunities to dream and platforms to excel!


Dr. M. Anil Ramesh,