Youth Money Olympiad 2018

Youth Money Olympiad 2018 Winner- Prudhvi Raju

Just look at the below numbers…..
Number of cities participated in the competition: 142
Total number of students: 20,000
Number of Colleges: 369

What do you think of winning a competition involving 20,000 students all over India from 369 colleges including IIMs which spreads across 142 cities that too on Personal Finance. Is that easy?

In today’s situation, Indian students are chasing IIMs, they are taking years of coaching to get a seat in IIM so that they can have the best knowledge and placements. At least that’s what they think. But One student, Prudhvi Raj from SSIM proved them wrong. Youth Money Olympiad 2018 winner is Prudhvi Raju.

Youth Money Olympiad (YMO) Since its inception in 2015 it has been conducted on India’s finance capital Mumbai. But for the first time in 2018, it is held in South India, Chennai. This time a South Indian from a college in Hyderabad won the title.

SSIM youth money olympiad 2018

To win Youth Money Olympiad (YMO) Students were first assessed through a college-level test, and then on a national level test. The tests cover areas in finance such as banking, insurance, the stock market and mutual funds.

After witnessing such a success we can strongly say if we work hard enough college names doesn’t matter. Congratulations to Prudhvi Raj for winning such a competition. After winning the competition Prudhvi said: “I not only studied for this but also read books and newspapers, interacted with different kinds of people, and learned from the smallest of experiences. It helped that I was interning at a mutual funds company as many questions were on that subject.”

Rangaraju Janakiram Vice-President and Portfolio Manager of Franklin Templeton AMC attended as a chief guest for this year’s Youth Money Olympiad. In his speech, Rangaraju talked about the importance of Financial Education in today’s youth. He said “The business environment is more volatile than it used to be because information is assimilated quicker. Rapid factoring of information leads to the quick development of society. This makes creating a financial safety net for the future more important, especially since the government can’t provide for everyone. If society has a high level of financial literacy, it could nudge the government to come up with more sustainable economic policies.”

On the same occasion, Prof. Rajan who teaches finance at IIT Madras said “One must know how to manage and handle money. While people have access to more opportunities these days, the information available is biased towards the seller and the consumer is not in a position to look beyond. This is why we must learn about the restrictions that accompany the benefits of finance plans. We need to look at the fine print.”

SSIM recently ranked as No.1 private B-school of Telangana by CSR-GHRDC B-school survey. It shows the standards of SSIM, and winning such competition just proves it again.

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