Why hygiene is an important factor to entrepreneurs?

Why hygiene is an important factor for entrepreneurs?

Why hygiene is an important factor to entrepreneurs?
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Since our childhood, we are hearing the sentence “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. But even though many of them are not. Let’s see how hygiene is an important factor by considering a few parameters.

Hygiene = Discipline:

Hygiene is a regular act of preventive practices. By doing this from the start, you will ensure faster scaling of operations in the future. It signals discipline on an entrepreneur’s part, to be willing to work harder, within an appropriate, prescribed framework in order to mitigate future issues. It also defines the difficult part of an entrepreneur i.e how an entrepreneur will react and how one can control their emotions.

Hygiene Gives Compounding Returns:

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of compounding returns. If hygiene is built into the core of your business processes, it will allow for quicker growth, easier data analysis, faster decisions and lowered organizational friction.

Hygiene is a Hedge:

By ensuring the right practices from the outset, you will prevent bigger problems in the future, plus your systems will highlight impending issues for your attention. You will get fewer resultant errors, may those be from a financial perspective (unbalanced/messy ledgers) or sales (inefficient sales/customer tracking)

Hygiene Ensures Focus:

An entrepreneur has to focus on the number of tasks and simultaneously they need to manage all the departments. Focus only on what can add value, and proper hygiene will help you immediately identify it.

Hygiene Acts as a Differentiator:

The way an entrepreneur looks should also differ. By ensuring great hygiene from the outset, you are sending a very strong signal to your stakeholders, that you have a macro-vision for yourself and your goals. The everyday activities are not a barrier or a chore, but necessary support to your vision; and are consequently organized. A mentor or an investor, when facing a choice between multiple, equally intriguing startups, will always choose the one with higher discipline.
So hygiene is an important factor for entrepreneurs in each & every scenario and which defines how to react at a different level of one’s life. One of the famous quotation given by Mahatma Gandhi is “When there is both inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches godliness”.

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