What does a Data Analyst do?

General introduction to data analyst

When we wanted to gather material for this article we have come across so many resources that very-well explained the concepts of data analysis and what does an analyst supposed to do. So more than anything else in this article we want to share some great resources you can visit and get an idea on this job description along with our insights as well. Let’s first decipher the meaning of Data Analysis and what tools and technologies help a data analyst in their day to day job before we figure out the roles and responsibilities of a data analyst job profile.

What is data analysis?
Wiki says Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions and supporting decision-making. And also that, in today’s business world, data analysis plays a role in making decisions more scientific and helping businesses operate more effectively.

Some popular data analysis tools and technologies include:
The type of data churned can depend on the type of the business, service, or function you cater to and so will the combination of these tools and technologies the analysts can use, but below are some popular tools according to the Proschool.com;
1. R Programming: Widely used for Statistics and data modeling
2. Tableau: Used to create data visualizations, maps, dashboards, etc.
3. Python: A free open source used as an object-oriented scripting language
4. SAS: A programming language for data manipulation is a leader in analytics
5. Apache Spark: Classification, Regression, Collaborative Filtering, Clustering, etc. are some techniques that could be done accessing the tools library

Now that we know of the process and the tools, let’s take a look at what responsibilities are included in the job description of a data analyst. To come up with this gist we have vetted and ground all the data analyst profiles on LinkedIn. Let us go by the industry or business and how this can be listed like.

Data Analyst roles in a digital marketing company can be something like:
1. Conducting data analysis of the key performance indicators of a company’s website like traffic volume, search queries, leads, and RFPs, etc.
2. Deep-diving the metrics dashboards and helping the marketing clients understand the data insights in non-technical language.
3. Help marketing teams achieve their objectives.
4. Supporting marketing campaigns and making sure the campaigns have a seamless technology support.

Data Analyst roles in a solution/service provider company can be something like:

1. Setting up advanced predictive and segmentation models to analyze and visualize the data.
2. Designing, managing, and implementing the analytics techniques for complex data architectural issues.
3. Reporting and dashboarding the data insights as and when required.
4. Aligning analytics objectives with the IT and management objectives.
5. Testing and piloting the results and clearly communicating them with the clients having conferred all these activities brings us to a question of a very similar role in the analytics market–

What is the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst?

Seemingly the key difference in their roles is defined by what they do with this data. Below is the image that can help you understand what distinguishes these roles;

What does a Data Analyst do

Hope this information helped you get an idea on what is the real deal about the data analysts. Let us know if you are interested in further exploration of this topic.

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