Attitude Virus-A Big Threat To Organisations

Attitude Virus-A Big Threat To Organisations.

Attitude plays a prominent role in everyone’s life. Depending on the situation & time, the attitude of a person changes immediately. In simple terms, if a person daily tasks are not going according to the plan then, which leads to distraction and frustration; ultimately which ends with a change in an attitude. Two things define everyone “patience when we have nothing” and “attitude when we have everything”.

Attitude virus is everywhere & carries throughout life. This virus can be easily identified in one’s behavioral aspects: the way one’s speech, react & respond. It will affect others within a fraction of seconds. In most of the organizations, whether it is a small organization or big organization due to attitude problems most of the people shift from one organization to the other organization.

So, let us identify few symptoms of a negative attitude: A) Violate company policies B) Make too many mistakes C) Argument with others for silly reasons D) Always try to interrupt in the middle of the discussion. E) Often late to the office. Based on the situation the attitude of a person will vary. Sometimes in the corporate world, it is very difficult to handle the situations & which leads to conflicts among co-workers.

The big question is how an organization immunize the workplace & end attitude virus?


1. Diagnosis:

First one has to identify the symptoms of attitude. Based upon that the top level management of an organization has to take the decision i.e this requires an honest assessment of the organization at all levels and collaterally to your vendors, suppliers, and customers. Try to remove the attitude virus by giving proper suggestions to it.

2. Investigation:

Select the right managers who have the skills & potential to identify human psychology. Managers have to take motivational sessions to infected employees. At the same time, they need to interact with them to test whether they have changed attitude or not. But to get a result it will take some time.

3. Treatment:

Proper treatment has to be given to everyone because the attitude virus spread easily. It’s time for the managers to take the additional responsibilities of the employees & to guide them in a proper way. Continuous motivational sessions are required so that the employees can come out of the negative attitude.

4. Monitor & Feedback:

Once the training sessions are done it’s better to get the feedback from the employees. Later on, monitoring has to be in progress to note the behavior of employees, whether the training sessions are really helpful for them or not.

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