Top Management Skills

Management Skills to Develop on Your Own

A recent Gallup’s study states that 82% of the times wrong people are selected for a managers role and a similar research found that 70% of the people in the management roles are not well-equipped for the job.

The question is: Are we all born leaders and managers, or can we build up on these skills. With some experience in the corporates and abundance of the training programs in the market, it is a proven fact that these management skills can be earned and build on in theory and practical’s by getting an insight into what are these management skills and how do they help in your career as a corporate professional or as an entrepreneur or a management student…

top management skills

So, what type are skills do we call management skills?

Skills that help you navigate as a manager in a corporate environment to operate and execute day-to-day tasks are basically your management skills. And below are the list of skills according to us that could possibly get counted as dire need to accomplish your managerial duties and these skills will be useful for business owners and for the students who are preparing(resume/ CV) to crack the interview.

1. People Management: This tops the chart for us, according to this HBR article called “Why good managers are so rare” relays that Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units, Gallup estimates. This ideally means that an involved and guiding manager is the key to employee engagement.

2. Result-oriented decision-making/strategizing: Managers or leaders at every level must strategize on the service-, process-, or team-level goals that they want to achieve to add up to cumulative bottom line. Strategy as the title says should always be result-oriented, measurable, achievable, and timely.

3. Assessing/analyzing/Scoping: A manager’s ability to conceptualize a process, understand the nuances of it and readily analyze any challenges in the operation is a key skill that helps in a seamless project and process management.

4. Communication: Apart from managing people, second in line chore based on its priority and importance is—clear and concise communication. A manager should always act as a liaison between the top management and the team, to establish a unified flow of information, mission, and vision of the leadership to each and every level of the organization. Not just that, a manager should develop capabilities to deliver a tough message or constructive feedback when necessary to the team members.

5. Playing on strengths: The better a manager understands the strengths of the team members and has a strategy in place on utilizing the strengths per the task at hand and the scale of the deliverable the easier it gets to achieve the operational excellency.

6. Delegation: This is a key skill and task that a manager should be well-versed with and this could be
particularly tricky because in order to delegate a task;
1. A manager should be willing to give-up the ownership of the task
2. Should be willing to support as a co-lead
3. Should identify the right resource to delegate the task to
4. Should be willing to hand-hold if necessary to keep up with the quality and TAT of a project

7. Persuasion: This is a skill that everyone needs devoid of their career levels and is crucial in determining how successful you can be as a professional. Aristotle said that in order to persuade you should empathize with the other party, build trust by being consistent, and state your facts to get buy-in from, in any kind of transaction. We believe this is an important skill that enables a professional to make others believe and contribute to your cause.

Now, having read through all these key management skills that mostly get counted as soft skills, you need to also focus on building on the technical/hard skills based on your job profile. It could be a tool/technology that your team works on a daily basis or it could be project management related technical skills. Focus on your current profile and build on the skills that effectively help you in becoming a skillful manager.

Hope you find this as a good read, let us know if you believe you already posses any of these skills or if you think there are other key skills that you think can be added to this list.

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