Tips For Smart Manager

How to be a SMART Manager?

Everyone wants to be successful in their life. Success is a driving force, a necessary evil especially for management students who are dreaming to be a successful manager to make one stand out in this cutthroat competitive world. Here are a few tips for SMART Manager.

1. Setting Goals (Small):

One should have a larger goal in life to achieve it. Break the goal into small ones. Set time-bound goals, small goals that can be achieved. Once you achieve these, you will be confident to achieve the other goals. SMART Goals (Small Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-bound)

2. Setting Your Priorities Right (Measurable):

Most of the time things that can are done are mostly menial and they occupy 80% of the time while 20% of the time is allocated to the most important or crucial things. So identify your priorities and set them right as per the importance.  For students, doing the assignments on time, finishing the studies well before exams and not prepare just before the exams.

3. Judgment Error (Being Achievable and Realistic):

Making an error in judgment is not uncommon. The consequences or the implications of such error are also well known. The issue is not about the error but about how to avoid such ‘judgment errors’ and knowing what actually contributes to such a state is what one must focus and learn. It is not the capability or superiority but only judging the conditions. Judgment has to be wise, spontaneous, correct and accurate.  It is not avoiding or delaying the ‘judgment’ is as an option but how to be wise is what one should learn. Know your strengths maximize it, work on your weakness. One should always ask questions before making any decision i.e. what if/ if not? Where? Why?  When? How?  A lot of Why? Questions so as to make one self-exposed to fears while making a decision and overcome the unreasonable fears.

4 Time Management (Time Bound):

Everyone has 24 hours whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated. Time is precious and never bought at any price. Create a timetable or allocate the specified time for every work. i.e plan your day. Allocate time for your own self so as to relax and regroup yourself. What you do with your time determines if you are going to be successful or failure since decisions are time bound and have the consequences attached to it.

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