Career Opportunities In PGDM Supply Chain Management

Before we directly step into the scope and career opportunities of PGDM Supply Chain Management first let us have an overview of what is supply chain management and logistics.

Supply Chain is used to meet the customer demand of product or service there is a chain of processes involved right from the procedures end like Sourcing, Distribution, Warehouse, inventories etc and managing those processes effectively, and efficiently can be called as Supply Chain Management. It seems to be very gainful which has a big potential in India and companies looking to hire SCM professionals as they are the ones who will drive the business in the future.

The Logistics industry is important in economic growth and development. The workers in the logistics and supply chain management(SCM) field make sure that goods and services get into the hands of a consumer.

All types of business(e-commerce and FMCG) need logistics managers to help with inventory and account receivable. In small businesses may one person in charge of these duties, while large corporations have entire logistics and supply chain management department.

Career opportunities

5 Career Opportunities in PGDM-Supply Chain Management(SCM):

Supply Chain Management(SCM) is one of the big things in Indian industrial scenario. According to the management experts, there is a lot of scope for Supply Chain Management(SCM) in India due to increasing uncertainty of supply networks, shorting of the products life cycle, and globalization of business. The employability potential of graduates is very high here. The career opportunities for Supply Chain Management are:

1. Purchase Manager
2. Strategic Planner
3. Materials Analyst
4. Supply Chain Manager
5. Warehouse Manager

So, let us discuss each role, responsibilities and pay scales of above-mentioned job profiles.

1. Purchase Manager:

A Purchase Manager is also known as the purchasing director or supply manager. Here, the role of the Manager is to procure goods and services for resale or company use and they look for the best available quality at the lowest price. The responsibilities of the purchase manager vary depending upon the industry.

Negotiable Pay Scale: 3-6L PA

2. Strategic Planner:

Strategic Planner involves the planning of business strategy for medium and large sized corporations. Strategic Planner familiar with all aspects of their employer’s business, as part of their responsibility, is presenting strategic recommendations to senior decision makers. The role of the strategic planner is a white collar, entry-level position. After getting experience and proven success, one might be promoted to senior strategic planner, directing their own team.

Negotiable Pay Scale: 2-5L PA

3. Materials Analyst:

A Material analyst ensures a smooth flow of goods between a company’s distribution chains. Materials analyst performs various tasks for a firm. He ensures that a company’s inventory is up to date and sufficient to maintain any projects a company wants to undertake in the future. He comes up with annual plans on how a company can acquire raw materials.

Negotiable Pay Scale: 3-7L PA

4. Supply Chain Manager:

Supply chain manager plays a main role in the manufacturing process. From the starting time a company begins the new product development process to the time finished product is shipped, supply chain managers, or SCMs impact their companies by lending their expertise to developing strategies to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Negotiable Pay Scale: 2-8L PA

5. Warehousing Manager:

Warehouse managers oversee the efficient receipt, storage, and dispatch of a range of goods. Responsible for a vital part of the supply chain process, you’ll manage people, processes, and systems in order to ensure goods are received and dispatched appropriately, and that productivity targets are met.

Negotiable Pay Scale: 3-6L PA

Note: Salaries may vary from Organization to Organization and Company to Company it depends upon Company Norms.

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