Strategies of Email Marketing

Strategies of Email Marketing

As we see these days even email marketing also became very popular for e-commerce sites especially at the time of festival season or weekend sale. The main aim of email marketing strategy plan is to reach the loyal customers or target audience by giving them discounts or offers too few products and to drag the attention towards the product so that it will be converted into a sale. But here the big question is, when a campaign is sent to all the customers, the mail is automatically dropped into promotions. Few users may open the mail but, others may automatically select & delete the promotions list. Here are the few strategies on how to create effective email marketing.

strategies of email marketing

1. The subject line of an email:

The subject line of an email should be clear, short, eye-cache & attractive so that users tend to make a decision to open. It should be interesting so that when someone reads it, they should click on it.

For example: If some x software company has already a good sales on web-based application product useful for online institution training. Based on the demand from existing customers the company has launched a mobile app. The subject line of an email is “Move on to tutors mobile app”. How creative, short & crispy the line is?

2. The initial sentence:

Even this line is also very important because the marketer has to communicate the idea within a line so that user can understand the entire email i.e What is the email all about?

3. Content:

Everywhere content is king & here also it plays a significant role. In an email, the content has to be dynamic & relevant which can be represented either in bullet points or paragraph so that user can engage. At least the content should have 3-4 hyperlinks which have to be directed to the website.

4. Design:

Before applying the design the marketer has to select a right template which is convenient & best for the users. The template should have minimum 3-4 images so that the users can drag the mail till the end. Even the images should have a hyperlink so that it has to be directed to the website or product details. Before going to the campaign check the template & design i.e how it works on a mobile device. It’s even nice to have all social media icons at the end of the template with proper URL’s.

5. The right time to set a campaign:

A marketer has to plan properly i.e, what is the right time to send a campaign? It varies from product to product based upon the geographical location.

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