Startup company in Hyderabad by Divya Jain

Startup Company in Hyderabad by Divya Jain


Divya Jain started a company in Hyderabad after quitting three jobs and switched three startups companies. She is from Ujjain( an ancient city beside the Kshipra River in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh). But, she has done her MBA from ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education University (IFHE) Hyderabad. After completion of PG, she didn’t take up any job, as she is totally interested to do business on her own. Coming from a business class family, she knows how the business industries work.

Business thoughts from college days:

how to start a company

She started her business from her college days. The first business was selling sandwiches and tried everything from manufacturing unit of it and later on, she planned to open a stall. But, her parents didn’t support her as they were not interested to open the separate stall for sandwiches. As her parents were not supportive in opening a stall she couldn’t find the satisfaction in what she is doing. One day she got a brilliant idea of creating a digital counseling website from her mother while she was talking over the telephonic call in Hyderabad. Implementing the plan is difficult because one has to have all the resources available and most importantly the liquid cash or initial investment to start own business. The main vision is to change the counseling business operates.

The unique way of representing the company name:

So, the website name is VS SOLUTIONS with a tagline of simple for better tomorrow. The first two alphabets of the company indicate the parent’s name. “VSSOL is the first counseling center organized digitally to give counseling to students, youth and upcoming entrepreneurs to take a better decision by our assistance from home at their fingertips”.

Divya is also a content writer which includes publishers “AMAZON.COM & AMAZON.IN” wrote Novella Like “START FROM SCRATCH 1.O” and “ WHAT DIDN’T KILL HER, MADE HER STRONGER..!!!”

Services at vs solutions are:

Career Counselling: This counseling is done for graduates and postgraduates students who want to build their career based on the interest.
Motivational Counselling: To build the spirit so as to take a logical decision.
Business Ideas: To support and encourage the upcoming young entrepreneurs with unique business ideas in order how to sustain in this competitive world.
An opportunity of pre-booking through online for a guest lecture and motivational speaker.

Different modes of counseling available at vs solutions are:

1. Telephonic Counselling
2. Email Counselling and
3. Video Counselling

To move forward and to reach many people across India VSSOL tied up with several NGO’s to help acid attack survivors and women for encouraging them to follow their passion and to be independent.

Words by Divya “miles to go before I sleep” and still believes VSSOL will change many lives and perspective of people to think differently, out of the box and if she can do then, everyone one can do and make it happen.

Website: VS Solutions

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