SSIM Response to COVID-19

Not everything is permanent. Change is inevitable.

COVID-19 has forced everyone to change and fight the challenges with a strong desire to out-do the invisible strength of Coronavirus. Slowly but steadily the world has identified ways to shield the human race and deal with the danger. Although there is a long road ahead to victory, these testing times have given an array of options to survive.

The educational sector has quickly adopted these options and is fast moving towards the ‘new normal’. Siva Sivani Institute of Management, the top B-School in Telangana, a pioneer in providing excellent management education, adopted the change and executed the following to ensure the needs of students and faculty are attended to and satisfied during this exceptional time.

1. The Learning Management System @SSIM:
A consistent approach was made possible by the access provided to the technology “Microsoft Teams” to faculty, staff and students in May 2020 through our LMS (Learning Management Systems). Our in-house ERP CAMU enabled the conduct of classes and assessments as well. The LMS is also extensively used for regular interaction between faculty mentors and students during the summer internship programme. These processes, which were already in use even before the lockdown, ensured that the learning outcomes are achieved and not derailed.

2. Learning Engagement Continuity Plan (LECP):
With the sole objective to continue with the academic schedule as per plan, SSIM engaged in conducting online classes via Zoom and Google Classrooms right from the first week of April 2020 to the existing batch of students. Faculty and students engaged in great new learning experiences. The sessions were also recorded and shared with the students for future reference.

3. Placements @SSIM:
Proudly announcing 200 placements accomplished for the year 2020 as well!

Key Facts
1. Average CTC raised from 3.7 to 4.46 LPA
2. Double century placement record for the last two years consecutively.
3. Highest Packages recorded with 11 Lakhs CTC.
4. International Placement opportunity for the package of 17 Lakhs.
5. International Internships.
6. Focussed & Specific training witnessed the success ratio with in the opportunities rolled.

Surprisingly, the recruiting companies have not withdrawn their placement orders and on the other hand most of the corporates encouraged students to work from home…. a taste of things to come to a new employee just beginning his / her first innings in life from SSIM campus.

4. Facilitating Learning:
SSIM ensured that the learning remained continuous and engaging for both faculty and students. Frequent e-fliers about various webinars, FDPs and interactive talks organized by several renowned institutions and corporates, were passed on through various communication channels such as WhatsApp groups, SSIM E-mail groups and SMS messages. All faculty, as per their specialization and core interests participated in several such webinars, conferences and FDPs contributing to the enhancement of knowledge to faculty which will ultimately benefit the students. However, students too participated in all the activities specifically related to them.

A. Students Learning

SSIM Students online learning
Elearning at SSIM

i. Blackbuck Talks – #Aagekiphikrnahi
1. Design Thinking
2. Self-Image and Personal Branding
3. The Art of Acing Campus Interviews
4. Live Mock Interviews
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Innovation As A Way Of Life
ii. TCSion – Career Edge – Knockdown the lockdown
iii. Guest Lectures

B. Faculty Learning
i. 3R – Role, Responsibility, Rejuvenating Faculty – COVID-19 & Beyond for Educational Excellence. An Interactive Talk with Dr. D K Bakshi, Bangkok.
ii. Role of IQAC in Higher Educational Institutions
iii. Webinars at NAAC
iv. Write and Publish in Scopus Indexed Journals

C. Faculty Knowledge Sharing:
A few faculty engaged in sharing their knowledge with a larger audience through webinars.

SSIM Faculty Learning

i. Effective Teaching Strategies for Gen Y & Gen Z. Webinar – Dr. Kunal Gaurav

ii. Personal Selling and Sales Management – The Changing Landscape. Panel Discussion – Dr. M. Anil Ramesh

iii. New Challenges in Business Management Post COVID-19 Pandemic Scenario. FDP – Dr. K. S. Harish

iv. Impact on Pharma and Health Care Industry Post COVID-19 Pandemic: Student Perspective. Webinar – Dr. M. R. Senapathy.

A few FREE WEBINARS are also now lined up for newly joining candidates. You can look for details on our website.

5. Summer Internships:
As per the AICTE advisory, the Placements and Corporate Relations team discussed with all the corporates that offered internships to students. Many organizations on-boarded the students virtually and have begun their work from home. A few companies needed on-filed interns and hence students were offered a few other opportunities that provided online projects/internships.

6. Online Certifications:
As part of the curriculum, first-year students registered for online certificate course, which need to be completed by the end of Fourth Trimester.

7. Faculty & Staff Meetings:
The management organized several meetings with faculty and staff to discuss the future course of action and progress of plans that were executed.

The FORBES international magazine has identified the possession of the following skills in post-Covid 19 workplaces around the world.

1. Adaptability and Flexibility
2. Tech Savviness
3. Creativity & Innovation
4. Data Literacy
5. Critical Thinking
6. Leadership
7. Emotional Intelligence
8. Commit to a Lifetime of Learning

SSIM has tied up with Harvard B-School Online to provide the upcoming courses which are in demand. This special arrangement equips the students with the latest knowledge at a competitive price.

You will be the beneficiary of the following advantages:

  • HBS online programs on BL / AI.
  • Exclusive PGDM – BL, which no other institute is offering in Hyd.
  • All this at competitive price and ROI /Pay back.
  • Of course, the SSIM brand of placements

The new pedagogy of SSIM will have blended learning (offline and online classes), differently equipped class rooms, seminar halls, canteen and mess facilities all suitable to deal with Covid-19 preparedness. The new students are also expected to learn under a new environment.

Learning and Change have consistently been constant. The two engaging variables deepen our knowledge and experience. The COVID-19 pandemic has truly been the catalyst for everything that we are seeing today. SSIM has risen to the occasion and is fostering the new normal. The institute has always been and is committed to disseminate the immense knowledge and multi-faceted experience to all its entities.

SSIM’s response to COVID-19 PDF format is available.

You can download now.

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