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Top 10 Social Media Sites That Created A Huge Buzz…!


How many times you’ve seen a teen with no smartphone in his hand? It’s a rare sight, isn’t it? We are living in a digital world. A world which will make us look like a handicap without internet. From grocery shopping to car booking, power bill to gas bill, cab booking to flight booking, everything is being done online only. Gone are those days where people used to stop their cars and asks directions to a random stranger, when they are heading to a new place, they are using Google Maps instead. Surely the internet made our lives a lot easier, saved a ton of time, even some fuel too.

But one thing draws everyone’s attention on “Social Media”. The posts go viral on social media based on what is happening around the world. Research says that Social Media sites are killing time and making people addicts. Controversies apart, This article is not about that topic, it is a topic for another day maybe, but today let’s discuss the top 10 social media sites in the world.

List Of Social Media Sites:

1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Instagram
4. Qzone
5. Twitter
6. Reddit
7. Pinterest
8. Tumblr
9. Flickr
10. Quora

Let’s break it down one by one.

social media sites

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most famous social media platform in the history of social media platforms. It is founded in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. One thing that separates Facebook from other social network sites is its exclusivity. Back in those days, where Orkut is ruling the Social Media world as an undisputed king Facebook came. The best thing about Facebook is we can manage who can view our profile, and also can manage our privacy data, unlike others at that time. Facebook created a lot of buzz around the world. User engagement is high on Facebook, People got crazy over uploading status and getting likes, comments, shares. Facebook is so famous that people are investing tons of money to market their products and services on Facebook. Celebrity Engagement is also high facebook, there are many pages who are posting fun and informative content in their timeline, all these things are attracting users to Facebook.

Even though recently there have been some issues regarding privacy concerns on Facebook, people are still using it regardless, mostly because there is no perfect replacement for Facebook and there is no other place on the web to hang out with friends and family like Facebook.

Facebook has more than 2234 Million active users. It is started in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg.

2. Youtube

YouTube, The second most popular site in the world. YouTube initially started as a dating site, where users introduce themselves and share their interests with others, but lucky for them that idea didn’t take off. So they generalized youtube as a video sharing platform. It is started in the year 2005 founded by 3 former PayPal employees. Blogging is so popular, even now many people read blogs. Bloggers usually share their experiences and give information about topics in their niche. But YouTube stepped up blogging and made video blogging possible. There are plenty of creators out there like pewdiepie, Casey Neistat, MKBHD and tons of creators using YouTube as their platform and earning millions.

Back in 2006 google acquired YouTube for $1.6 billion. Marketers are using YouTube as their social media platform to advertise, through their ads Google is earning a lot of money. Nowadays teens are spending more time on YouTube than on TV. YouTube is a worldwide network, it is multicultural, whatever your interest is you will find a video about it. From how to cook biryani to how to fix a car, how to swim to how to play guitar, how to face an interview to how to impress a girl, there are many videos which will help us in everyday life.

Now even movie trailers and songs are also being released on YouTube. Producers are advertising their film as “we got 1 million hits on YouTube in 24 hours, our Trailer is the most liked teaser” and also we are seeing ads of YouTube channels on TVs these days, that is how popular YouTube as a social media platform is. And using YouTube is also very simple, anyone can upload a video on YouTube, that user-friendliness also helped it grow a lot.

3. Instagram

The word “selfie death” became quite common these days, thanks to the selfie craze of our teens. Our young, generation is becoming obsessed with photos, selfies, Groupies and whatnot. Instagram is the perfect social media app for this generation. First, it is launched as IOS exclusive and later it makes its way to Android. Now it has 1 billion downloads on Play store itself.

In Instagram, you can follow other people profiles, and like their pics by double tapping them. Being a photo centered app, Instagram provides a lot of filters to its users, so that they can customize their pic the way they want before posting it. Other social networks integration is high on Instagram, If we post on Instagram we can set an option to post it directly on Facebook and Twitter. Hashtags are also very popular on Instagram. Instagram has its own apps like the boomerang which create some gifs like videos. Many celebrities use Instagram to post their pics. Now Instagram has 813 active users.

Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 Billion in 2012. At that time Instagram is not even 2 years old.

4. Qzone

Qzone, This is a Chinese social media app developed by the Tech Giant Tencent which also owns wechat and qq. Don’t try to use it though, it is only available in Mandarin. This app doesn’t have a global recognition but it is quite popular in China. China has a huge population, and they always try to boycott International apps and use their apps. If you don’t know Chinese use Baidu instead of Google.

Qzone launched in the year 2005. Users can write short stories, share pictures, watch videos, listen to music and also can maintain a diary. It has 563 million active users.

5. Twitter

Twitter, where people tweet. Twitter is actually a bird name. We don’t know how founders came up with this idea but they did hit the ball out of the park. Most of the celebrities use Twitter, to share their thoughts or to interact with followers. Unlike other social media platforms, in a Twitter tweet has to be small. Previously tweet used to have 160 characters, now it is increased to 280 characters. So whatever we want to tell, we have to tell it short. That is the beauty of Twitter. Twitter also verifies profiles and give bluetick mark so that we can know the celebrity we are following is real, not fake.

Advertisers take advantage of Twitter by using paid marketing techniques like promoting their tweets and running a Hashtag campaign. Often times some tweets received global reach. Twitter is good to know what is happening around the world. Twitter has approximately 330 Million users worldwide.

6. Reddit

Reddit looks very simple, in other words, we can say “outdated”. It is not as colorful as other social media platforms but still millions of people use Reddit. Reddit threads are very popular. If you post a Reddit thread, other users can vote it up or down depending on your post. The higher the vote it goes up, the higher people it reaches. While creating a thread we have to specify which category it belongs to. It is founded in the year 2005.

Many users share pics, articles, and links and gifs on Reddit. Reddit makes it easy for users to navigate by providing tabs like New and Popular. And users can also subscribe to communities and get interact with them.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest is another photo and video-based social networking site. In Pinterest user can upload a pin. Here “Pin” is a post where we add a website, photo and description to it. If we add a pin other users can view that on their feed. If they find the image attractive then they will expand the pin and open the link. It is a great way to drive traffic to any site.

Pinterest has more than 60 Million users. It is started in the year 2010 by the founder Silbermann. If a user likes a pin then he can save that. But the most important thing to drive traffic on Pinterest is Image. If the image is good then only someone will open it. Users can also interact by commenting on pins. For every pin, we see Pinterest also shows us related images.

8. Tumblr

Tumblr is a place to express ourselves, We can share our thoughts, links, photos, videos etc. Tumblr is a microblogging site. It looks clean and pretty easy to use. Users can interact with blogs by liking, sharing, commenting and also reblogging. As it is a microblogging site, the posts here are called blogs.

Users can also explore Tumblr by clicking on explore, it will show the trending blogs on Tumblr. Likes for a blog and reblogs are all considered to be notes. The best thing about Tumblr is anything can be discussed here, whatever the problem is, there are people who can talk to you and discuss with you. That community is what makes Tumblr special. 330 million people are using Tumblr. Tumblr is started in the year 2007 by David Karp.

9. Flickr

Flickr, Probably the best site for Photographers and photo lovers. Recently SmugMug acquired Flickr. Users can upload their favorite photos and can share their work or taste to the world. There are many groups available in Flickr so the like-minded people can join and share their photos. Users can favorite a pic and also share and comment it. Flickr has more than 112 Million users around the world. We can even follow a person if we like his photos. Flicker is started in the year 2004 by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake.

The fact that Flickr is liked by many photographers, we can find stunning photos from all categories, which can be used as wallpapers on Flickr.

10. Quora

Quora is a strange social networking site, It is a community where people asks questions and others answers. Quora’s formula is Pretty simple. Quora got worldwide attention towards it. The thing which gives quora a unique identity is its users. They call themselves quorans. The community in quora is very active. Users can follow other users so that they can be notified for every answer they wrote. If a person asks a question and 10 random people answered it, then the answer with the highest upvotes will be visible in the first.

People share their life experiences through Quora. Like many social platforms we can choose what topics we are interested in quora and then quora will show questions related to it. If a person answers a question in some topic, next time when someone is posting a question then quora suggests the user request answer from people who already wrote on that topic. Quora uses Machine Learning algorithm to detect what a user is interested in. Millions of people use quora every day. Some like to Ask, some like to Answer, some like to read and others come to chat. Quora started in the year 2009 and the founder is Adam D’Angelo.

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