Sachin Siwach- A World Boxing Champion

Sachin Siwach- A World Boxing Champion

Sachin Siwach- a farmer’s son, who is a resident of Mithal village near Bhiwani, Haryana. At the age of 10, his father Krishan took him to a boxing academy for enrollment. But, coach Sanjay Sheoran refused to enrol because he was undernourished. So, his father decided him to take near his brother, Vijender who is a boxer & later on coach agreed to enrol in his boxing academy.

sachin siwach a world boxing champion

The reason why he refused to enroll because: “He was so thin and unhealthy that I refused to his father because Sachin’s weight was less than 30 Kg”…words from Sanjay Sheoran.

After the enrollment made by the coach, he prescribed the diet of boxing. So, his father decided to provide a healthy diet for his son to make him strong enough. The wheat which is produced by this father in their village was just enough for their family. But, his father intention was to provide milk -which is an essential part of the diet.
Sachin’s diet problem was solved in this way: One day, his father was moving towards the farm, suddenly he found a stray cow that has wandered into the village and he decided to claim it. He got the cow tested by a vet and from the next day onwards Sachin’s diet problem was solved.

The academy was enclosed with different facilities which are covered with pebble-laden land with dry and wild grass. In Sheoran academy there weren’t many kids to train so the entire focus was on Sachin.
In 2016, Sachin won a gold medal among 103 boxers which took place at the Bahamas. So this opportunity made him participate in Commonwealth Youth Games.

Words by Sachin after getting an opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Youth Games: “So I was pretty confident going into the youth worlds. Every day, I used to make a call to Mitathal and make strategies for the next round with the coach. It’s his hard work that has paid off,”

In 2017, he claimed a silver medal at Asian Youth Boxing Championship which was held at Bangkok. So the main advantage was his height and beat junior world champion Cosmin Girleanu of Romania in the pre-quarters and Cuba’s Jose Grinan in the final using the ‘stick and move‘ tactic. Sachin gave his best and defeated Welsh boxer James Nathan Prober for 4-1 in the final round(49 Kg category) and won gold medal which is held at St. Petersburg, Russia. A point to be remembered, Sachin’s age was just 17 years.

Other Indian achievements: Jony is another Indian who lost her final round (lightweight 60 Kg) to an Australian boxer Ella Jade Boot by a margin of a single point to claim the silver medal. Earlier, Muhammed Etash Khan won a bronze medal in a bantamweight (56Kg category) after lost in semifinals.

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