Quora-A Knowledge Sharing Platform

Quora- Knowledge Sharing Platform

Utmost popular like Wikipedia and Investopedia even Quora became the most popular site to share valuable information with the public. When it comes to Wikipedia it contains a piece of valuable information such as history, product & services, business operations and other reference links which are related to the content. But, one can log in & can update the information. When it comes to Investopedia it provides information about the topic in a very detailed and prescribed manner. Form the site itself one can share the information to social profiles such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.


Quora is a knowledge sharing site where people can ask any type of questions and at the same time, they can answer the other questions. Have you observed it or not when you type any query on the search bar of Google; the site lands on the first page and the ranking position may vary from 3-10(not exactly). Just you can register for your email or facebook account. After completion of registration, a search bar has appeared on the topic where one can search for questions, people and topics. All the relevant questions are on the right side.

Quora accepts only unique questions. One can give answers to the questions which are relevant to the question asked by the people. If the answer is in a right and well-structured manner with proper images and links you can get views, upvotes and followers from the readers. And can become a professional writer by answering a lot of questions.

It is important to know before answering any question. Do some research on the topic and answer in your own words. Try to concentrate on the bad answers because the readers are waiting for satisfactory answers. One can generate traffic through Quora. Think from a customer’s perspective and start asking questions or else answer the recent questions which are available. You can add links to the articles but Quora is highly intolerant of spamming so limit the links at bottom of your answer and sure that it is highly relevant to the readers. If you are answering more number of questions along with the links added to it then you are blocked for a few days and you won’t be able to log in.

Quora lets you measure the results with analytics. Because the answers show up in Google search results if the answer is rich in content and it is still possible of high chances appearing on search results. If the answer is mind-blowing then Quora staff might choose to get published in a reputed media outlet.

Here, the possibilities are endless because people ask a lot of questions on any topic where they got stuck. It is a great opportunity for the entrepreneur, business people to spend some time and give appropriate answers, share their experience and technical knowledge which is beneficial for both the ends.

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