Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution- Save our planet

If a store or a restaurant is not providing plastic covers then many people are avoiding those stores and looking for alternatives, but what about our earth? If this is filled entirely with plastic will you look out for another planet?

Plastic pollution became a major threat to our environment. On average, a person is using 8-10 plastic bags a week, that means 30-40 bags, It is over 300+ plastic covers a year. We are talking about a person, what if we take a whole family?

Usually, plastics are extremely unfriendly for the environment, It usually takes around 400-600 years for plastic to decompose on Earth. If our generation keeps on piling up the plastic like we are doing now, our earth will no longer be a place to live.

plastic pollution

Plastic became the most used material. We are seeing plastic everywhere in our daily life. The main reason for this is its affordability. Plastic is so cheap when it is compared to other materials. It is not as durable as say “steel” but it costs much less than steel.

Because of that affordability manufacturers turned to plastic. By doing so their production cost will become much less and they will sell it little less than other materials. Due to that profit margin in plastics, many are using it in their products. But it is ending up polluting our environment.

The saddest thing in our country is, we often see people smoking and even drinking in public, and they are not ashamed of it, but if we ask the same people to carry a steel box to bring some food then or to take a jute bag to while shopping they will feel ashamed of it.

Recently Pune Restaurants and hotels association asked their members to serve in steel boxes rather than plastic ones. People are responding positively over it. And many are seen carrying their own tiffin box for shops. If all the store owners in India will implement this step, It will result in huge changes in our country.

Organizations like small steps are creating some environmentally friendly, purposeful and yet good looking bags for affordable places. If we make a habit of carrying our own bag everytime we shop, it will gradually make a huge difference in our quality of living.

There are also good alternatives for plastic, maybe they are not that cheap as plastic but they are reusable and recyclable. For food, hotels can use aluminum foil instead of packing food in plastic. Even though manufacturing it is not good for the environment but Aluminium foil is 95% recyclable, so it will do no harm as plastic. For shopping, we better carry cloth bags or jute bags. If we go to a supermarket or a big store they will charge us 2 to 5rs for a plastic bag, But Instead of charging us for plastic bags if they give us reusable bags it would be better.

If we start avoiding plastic on a personal level then we can ask the government to implement at an industry level. If we keep on using plastic ourselves then we can do nothing about it.

We have only one Earth, No alternatives, We better save it.

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