PGDM HR Course

The Post Graduation Diploma In Managment- Human Resources Management (PGDM-HRM) is the two years full-time program comparing four semesters of study and including projects. It is the highest quality program in the area of Human Resources Management as it is proactively designed to provide eligible, suitable, and competent HR professionals with sufficient knowledge of business to all industrial sectors. PGDM HR program offers a platter of HR elective courses vis-a-vis other functional area courses.

A Post Graduation Diploma In Management Human Resources Management can catapult your career in the appropriate direction in the human resources management field. Designed by the team of experienced human resource and educational experts, the comprehensive course takes into consideration up to the minute developments and trends in the field.

pgdm hr

Key Highlights of PGDM HR Program:

➢ The course has been designed particularly to suit the requirements of HR professionals and include specialized papers in the HR area.
➢ PGDM-HRM has a unique long-term project which leads to obtaining pre-placement offers.
➢ Students are provided career opportunities to become to the members of HR hub.

Goals of PGDM HR
➢ To provide insights into developing strategies, initiatives, and programs for performance with the focus on organization design, change, and development.
➢ To facilitate accelerated learning in the formulation and implementation of best practices in Human Resource Management.
➢ To offer experimental analysis in understanding the challenges of HR professional to develop their organization.
➢ To establish a connection between HR and executables.

PGDM HR Syllabus

1. Management And Organizational Behaviour
2. Statistics for Management
3. Economics for Managers
4. Financial Accounting
5. Human Resource Management
6. Personality Development And Business Communication
7. Comprehensive viva voce

1. Marketing Management
2. Macro Economics
3. Finacial Management
4. Operations
5. Organizational Development
6. Performance and Compensation Management
7. Comprehensive Viva Voce

1. Production and Operations Management
2. Cost and Management Accounting
3. Business Analytics for Managers
4. Research Methods in HRM
5. Talent Management
6. Foreign Language – French
7. Learning and Development
8. Comprehensive Viva Voce


1. Human Resource Planning
2. Business Law
3. Industrial Relations
4. International Business and Global HRM
5. Strategic HRM
6. Competency Mapping and Assessment
7. Business Aptitude
8. Summer Project Work & Viva-voce
9. Comprehensive Viva Voce

1. Workforce Metrics
2. Knowledge Management
3. HR Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions
4. Labour Legislation
5. Tax considerations in managing HR
6. Technology-based Human Resource Management
7. Comprehensive Viva Voce

1. Entrepreneurship Development
2. Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and CSR
3. Emotional Intelligence & Managerial Effectiveness
4. Long-term Project
5. Comprehensive Viva-voce

NOTE: Syllabus may vary from College to College And University to University

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