PGDM Courses

PGDM Courses in India

Have you just completed your graduation you might be looking forward to doing an MBA? Then you might also have heard about the course named PGDM which is offered by some of the business schools and institutions. PGDM is a diploma program in Management that is known for its direct approach to industry exposure and high career prospects. In this article, we will talk about the PGDM courses that you can pursue in India. If you are deciding to do an MBA course, please read the article to know about a similar course that is getting high popularity in India.

Best PGDM Courses in India

Every PGDM course has its value but if you consider the job and career prospects, the type of industry will play a major role. Moreover, the college or institute also plays a major role in terms of the level of education. You need to take admission in a reputed college where you can get a suitable environment for your studies. In India, there are some business industries like retail, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and many private sectors that require management professionals.

PGDM Courses - SSIM
PGDM Courses in India

Hence, the best PGDM course in India will be according to the industry and its business. You should find out the industries with high prospects of growth in the future and then make your choice for the PGDM course accordingly. You just need to follow your passion and interest to find out the best PGDM course for you in India.

PGDM Courses List

These are the popular business industries in India hence you can choose a specialization in PGDM according to your interest. The following are PGDM specializations that you can pursue during your PGDM course in India:

    • Business Analytics & Big Data
    • Enterprise Management
    • Marketing Management
    • International Business
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Human Resource Management (HRM)
    • Financial Management
    • Rural & Agri-Business
    • Pharma & Health Care Management (PHCM)
    • Logistics Management

PGDM Fee Structure

As PGDM course is provided by autonomous institutions hence the fees might vary from one another. Though, the course fee for PGDM depends on its different types. The following table represents the PGDM fee structure for the PGDM course in India:

Type of PGDM  Fees
Full time INR 4-24 LPA
Online INR 10,000 – 15,000
Distance INR 30,000 – 50,000

Full-time PGDM

It is a full-time professional diploma course with a duration of two years in an institution. This course provides the students with detailed information about the industry, its trends, and how things work in the practical working environment. The admissions for full-time PGDM are based on entrance exam merit. These entrance exams include CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT, SNAP, and NMAT.

Online PGDM

It is a short-term course and it is suitable for students who want to study a specific subject or topic. This course is provided on various online education platforms. This course is helpful for those who cannot travel to colleges and cannot afford a full-time course in a college.

Distance PGDM

Distance PGDM is a planned education that is helpful for individuals who work and study at the same time. If you are busy in your job life then you can pursue distance PGDM and continue your studies while working.

PGDM Career Opportunities

You might get excited about PGDM and pursue the course but what can you do with a PGDM diploma? It is important to know about the career opportunities after PGDM so you can have a clear career vision before graduating. In India, there are some specific specializations of PGDM are available and you will get career opportunities accordingly. Pursuing PGDM in India can get you ready for different industries. The following are some popular business industries in India:

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Non-profit
  • Healthcare
  • Private companies

After completing your PGDM, you can pursue your career as a finance manager, strategic manager, international sales manager, bank sales officer, operation manager, etc. There are endless opportunities for career growth and you can achieve it by taking advantage of these opportunities. Sectors like retail and manufacturing operations on large scale hence they provide high opportunities for career growth.


Among graduates, there is a trend of getting higher education in management, and the usual choice used to be MBA but things are changed since the emergence of PGDM. If you want to pursue a PGDM course in India, you will need some insights that are presented in this article. We hope that the article has cleared your doubts and increased your knowledge about this course.

Choosing the right college and right course can make a big difference in your future or career so make your choice properly. If you can manage businesses and some industry knowledge provided by your PGDM course, you will be hired instantly by companies inside and outside India. We wish you good luck in your career and future ventures.

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