Online English Classes Taught By MBA Graduates

Online English Classes Taught By MBA Graduates

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Can online courses be successful? For any piece of information or a query, many people browse through smartphones. Yes, it depends on the market & the way the classes are delivered to the students who got enrolled in the course. From the past few years, there is a drastic change in technology & the behavior of the end user. In India, as we see the usage of internet, smartphones have been increasing day-by-day most of the training institutes are adopting the software so as to deliver classes through online in an effective and efficient manner. Slowly the traditional way of teaching i.e the classroom teaching is shifting to the online way of training.

Huma, Avinash, Purbani, Rajul and Ellora have done with their MBA. Currently, they are working as teachers at the British Council from different cities of India and online English classes taught by these graduates. Here are the few questions stated to them & the five members have shared their own experience. Each & every individual gave their answers in their own style.

Question 1: How did you get into this very 21st century way of working?
Huma: To improve my teaching skills and convenient to work in my own space.

“The excitement of doing something so new and the fear of the unknown meant it would expand my teaching skills as well as give the flexibility and convenience of working at my own pace in my own space – something I had been long wishing for.”

Avinash: Lot of Opportunities for online teaching.

“I’ve always been interested in the use of technology in making learning engaging and more accessible. I’d had some experience as a student and was interested in the implications it had for a teacher.”

Purbani: The future of online education system in India.

“I was given an opportunity to be a part of an online teacher-training programme. The course opened new avenues for me and I realized that online teaching might just be the future of education”.

Rajul: No need to travel & rush into classrooms from home.

“I can see all my students; I connect with them online and deliver classes prepared for them in a relaxed, fun manner without feeling the need to travel and rush to class from home. I am teaching from home!”

Question 2: What are the benefits of teaching online classes?
Huma: According to her, she wants to develop 21st-century skills. And handling technology is fun.
Purbani: According to him, in a classroom teaching a faculty, may leave the class after the session. But in online classes the possibilities are limitless.
Avinash: In my experience, setting realistic weekly targets and working frequently and for shorter durations has helped most students and I have an enjoyable and enriching experience on the course”.

So, by this, we can say that India is going to adopt online training which is more beneficial to upcoming generations.

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