Which One Is Needed, Talent or Hard Work?

Which One Is Needed, Talent or Hard Work?

Talent cannot beat hard work, nor does hard work talent. The statement may sound crazy. For these two traits of man (of course, woman, too) are the two mutually exclusive things like head and tail of a coin sometimes, and can exit together some other times. Let us explore some real-life examples.

History teems with examples of persons from all walks of life excelling in their respective fields with either of the traits or both. Often lads and lasses lament,” I don’t have that or this talent”. But listen to this from unbeaten boxing legend Floyd Mayweather saying,” Everybody is blessed with a certain talent, you have to know what that talent is..you have to maximize it and push it to the limits”. Because life gives equally a fair chance to everyone. No excuses.

Unfortunately, those who are highly gifted often destructive, either to themselves or to others. The Beatles singer John Lennon got talent, a two-time Grammy awardee Amy Winehouse got talent, tennis legend John McEnroe, and the list finds no full stop, but a comma. Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford, implicitly says in her book “Mindset” that the talented often hate the hard work. The best example is McEnroe who used to explode in a rage and blame others when someone of less talent beat him.

Nevertheless, the best of you come out when you couple hard work and talent even if you know a little about a hidden talent in you. You may not recognize it, but people do. And further, hard work means not working like more than 24 hours but is working consistently. This consistent working is a game-changer for your career. For that matter for anybody’s career.

Since his childhood Pele did so, Sachin did so as well. Michael Phelps, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, John Rockefeller, Jack Ma, and the list has no full stop.

Moreover, professor Dweck continues saying,” Growth is about curiosity, experimentation, hard work, and learning. Repeat the cycle. Repeat again. Never stop repeating the cycle or else you’ll stop growing.”

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