Oh, How Sweet That Bunking Was !

Oh, How Sweet That Bunking Was!

Two score and half years ago, lyricist Sirivennela penned lyrics for a song for Ram Gopal Varma’s blockbuster Shiva. The song mellifluously goes like this:

“ Botany patamundi myatanii aata vundi
Deniko votu chepparaa
History lectarundi mistery picturundi
Sodaraa yedi besturaa
Botany claasante boru boru
History rustu kanna restu melu…”

How Sweet it was bunking the class
Bunking classes – the theme of this sensational number – may be a sort of an unavoidable practical in the carefree college life. That is the only period when your professor understands your multiple contradicting excuses.

For it’s the jolly part of student life. Everyone who comes across that stage knows it.

But, what makes “bunking classes” a common phenomenon? Reasons vary. Some of them, silly or serious, make you chuckle now.

According to research, oversleeping in the mornings is the prime factor for bunking classes. Be it due to staying up late into the night for the reasons known to everyone is as usually the cause behind it. And the attendance? Friends will take care of it.

Boring classes is only next to that. Going to movies with friends, chit-chat with buddies at favorite places, and disliking towards the subject and professor (s) follow the suit.

In addition, peer-pressure exercises its influence in most of the factors. Further, the reasons like incomplete work, honing skills on hobbies, and preparing for competitive exams add to the effect.

However, when it comes to bunking classes due to uninteresting in the subject, as per the research, is due to both the students and professor (s). Because of monotonous lectures.
Interestingly, a professor can make even a boring subject as interesting as a bedtime story by presenting facts, new insights, and the latest developments of a concept. Above all, the interactive class makes it all the difference.

It’s all fine. What does a person like Dr. Abdul Kalam think about it? Did he say it a bad habit? No. Not at all. In his words;

“ sometimes it is better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends because today when I look back, marks never make me laugh but memories do.”

AP J Abdul Kalam - “ sometimes it is better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because today when I look back marks never make me laugh but memories do.”

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