Nokia – Connecting People , Again!

Nokia – Connecting People, Again!

Nokia might have virtually disappeared from the mobile phone segment but not its mellifluous ringtone even if one uses a different phone. Even in the cacophony of noises, one can recognize that sound. That’s the impact it made. However, the news is that Nokia has started reconnecting with its beloved nostalgic customers across the globe. Recently, Nokia launched its most popular phone 3310 in India to the much delight of its loyal and nostalgic customers again, with many tweaks and modern touches yet retaining the features that it was known for. Before the age of smartphones begun, Nokia’s basic phone ruled the market’s monopoly in the basic mobile phones segment. Virtually speaking, it has had no rival till the smartness of Samsung and magic of iPhone swept the markets across the globe. Nokia is basically a Finnish ( Helsinki beer is also from this country) conglomerate established in 1865. It has had industries ranging from paper pulp to telecommunications to technology development. It was established by a mining engineer Fredrik Idestam with his friend Leo Mechelin. The name Nokia was taken from a beautiful river called Nokianvirta in Finland, the Land of Thousand Lakes. And the word Nokia means Connecting. True to its meaning and tagline, the mobile brand has won the millions of hearts worldwide apart from the monopoly in the mobile phone segment. As per as the sales are concerned we have to wait and see as the sale of the phone starts from today onwards. According to the release, the latest phone maintains the same durability and addictive Snake game. But the drawback is it supports only 2G, and there is WhatsApp and no Facebook either.
So, let us see how it revokes your nostalgic memories if you have had used the previous model.