MBA graduate into a farming field..!

An MBA graduate into a farming field..!- Let’s know how it is possible

Is it possible for a highly educated graduate to enter into a farming field?
When someone asks these type of questions; most probably everyone faces will be with a question mark. But, it’s a quite surprising thing that how come Pragnesh Patel entered into that field.

mba graduate in to a farming field

After completion of his MBA, he worked for a multinational company almost for three years i.e in abroad. After completion of three years of journey, he is not satisfied with what he is doing. So, he left abroad & returned back to India. Something was still missing in his life.

“Returning to India I noticed how many of my work colleagues and people around me were getting sick from eating bad food. That made me ask – what’s wrong with our food and lifestyle today? The more I researched the more I could see the importance of and need for growing our food organically.”

Pragnesh came up with an idea i.e he wanted to use his own two-acre field for producing organic food. So he decided to do long research through internet & filtered a few ideas which are suitable for him. His main intention is to produce organic food within that two-acres of land. In his deep research, he came across organic mushroom farming which was very interesting to him.

First Challenge:

After deep research on a mushroom, he wanted to try oyster mushroom cultivation. So, to know more about the oyster mushroom cultivation he spent a lot of time by watching videos on youtube. Anyhow he managed to find some oyster mushroom spawn from a local source in Gujarat and set up a small bamboo shed for his first attempt. In his first attempt, he is able to produce 100 Kg of oyster mushroom. That was the end of his first challenge.

Second Challenge:

Initially, Pragnesh second challenge was to sell the mushrooms locally. So his MBA skills would be more useful to sell the product by keeping more effects. He explained the health benefits of the product to grab the attention of the customers. Slowly he captured the market & able to sell the mushrooms in local markets for 200/- per Kg.
“I got to work producing a number of double-sided leaflets, one side explaining the health benefits of oyster mushrooms and the other side containing a few mushroom recipes people could try.”

Third Challenge:

Oyster mushrooms were very perishable and only had a shelf life for a few days. So, he came up with a strategy i.e any mushrooms which weren’t sold on the first day, they should dry in a solar dryer. The dry mushrooms can be sold when the main fresh mushrooms harvest was over. His second crop was even more successful which produced 150 Kgs. Slowly the yield improved as the days pass away & he is able to produce 700 Kgs for every four months.

“I want to use my expertise in marketing to help farmers. I am planning to reach out as many farmers as possible and help them to earn extra income from cultivating mushrooms.”

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