Management Courses After 12th

As per the recent study, we have analyzed 27+ management courses after 12th:

In this competitive world, typically there are 40 different management courses after 12th. Few of the courses are since the 1990’s and few of the courses are emerging as per the market needs. The most popular courses since 1990’s are finance, marketing and sales. As the market is becoming more and more competitive there are several courses emerged in the market to simplify and manage the tasks within a short period of time (with the help of technology). As per the recent research overall in India, more than 43% of the students are interested to take the management courses. In this article, we are covering all the courses so that the students/ parents would have a basic overview of it.

Based on the student overall performance i.e in 10th & 12th reports both parents and students should decide the course which suits his/her career. One should select a course based on 4 parameters i.e interest, scope, career opportunities and growth. Hope, you have already gone through courses after 12th guide.

General Def of Management: Management is all about how to manage your work within a given amount of time.

Below is a list of management courses after 12th:

S.NoCourse NameDurationType
1Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]3 Years Full-Time
2Bachelor of Business Management [BBM]3 YearsFull-Time
3Bachelor of Management Studies [BMS]3 YearsFull-Time
4Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Marketing)3 YearsFull-Time
5Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Finance)3 YearsFull-Time
6Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Human Resource Management)3 YearsFull-Time
7Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Hons.) 3 YearsFull-Time
8Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Computer Applications)3 YearsFull-Time
9Diploma in Business Management1 YearFull-Time
10Diploma in Retail Management1 YearFull-Time
11Certificate in Tourism and Travel Management3 YearsFull-Time
12Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management [BTTM]4 YearsFull-Time
13Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Information Technology)3 YearsFull-Time
14Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Retail Management)3 YearsFull-Time
15Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management1 Year or 6 Months Full-Time
16Diploma In Event Management1 YearFull-Time
17Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Banking and Insurance)3 Years Full-Time
18Diploma in Travel and Tourism3 YearsFull-Time
19Diploma in Front Office6 months-2 years Full-Time
20Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Finance and Accounts)3 YearsFull-Time
21Diploma in Financial Management1 YearFull-Time
22Diploma in Human Resource Management1 YearFull-Time
23Diploma in Export and Import Management1 YearFull-Time
24Diploma in Business Administration3 months to 3 years Full-Time
25Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Entrepreneurship) 3 yearsFull-Time
26Bachelor in Tourism Management [BTM]3 yearsFull-Time
27Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Tourism and Travel Management)3 yearsFull-Time
28Advanced Diploma in Business Management [ADBM] 1 YearFull-Time
29Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Banking)3 YearsFull-Time
30Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] (International Business)3 YearsFull-Time
31Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Logistics Management)3 yearsFull-Time
32Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] (Human Resources Management)3 yearsFull-Time
33Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Sales and Marketing)3 yearsFull-Time
34Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Digital Marketing)3 yearsFull-Time
35Diploma in Supply Chain Management1 yearFull-Time
36Diploma in Entrepreneurship1 yearFull-Time
37Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Foreign Trade)3 YearFull-Time
38Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] (Marketing Management) 3 YearsFull-Time
39Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Agribusiness Management)4 YearsFull-Time
40Diploma in International Business 1-1.5 years

2-2.5 years



management courses after 12th

Let’s have a general overview of each course:

1. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]: This Course is a 3 years professional course in business management, the candidate with minimum 50% marks in class 12th from an institute which is recognized by the government are eligible for this course. Students may also study through distance learning mode by passing an eligible test conducted by different colleges and universities. BBA course provides with the intelligence and right knowledge in business management, Scholars who successfully complete this course will get good jobs in sectors like Management, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Education and Government.

2. Bachelor of Business Management [BBM]: Course is a 3 years undergraduate professional course in business management, the candidates with minimum 50% marks in class 12th from an institute which is recognized by the government are eligible for this course. This course provides an understanding of practical and theoretical features with leadership skills of business. Scholars may also go by distance mode which is of 3 years. Students who are pursuing this course can become experts in Business Law, Economics, Finance, Strategic Management, Supply Chain, Ethics and more.

3. Bachelor of Management Studies [BMS]: This course is a 3 years undergraduate course, With 6 semesters lasting over six months. The minimum eligibility for this course is 50% marks in class 12th from a recognized college. Admissions for this course depends upon the entrance test. This course provides students with a various understanding of management practices in business and course cover subjects such as research methods, accounting, human resources, and employee relations.

4. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Marketing): BBA in marketing or Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing is a 3 years undergraduate professional degree with 6 semesters. For eligibility Students should have a minimum 50% marks in class 12th from a recognized educational board. This course can also be pursued through distance learning modes. It builds complete knowledge of leadership and management and covers decision-making skills, good oral and written communication skills, leadership qualities. The course provides the platform to study courses like MBA. Admissions for this course depends upon the entrance test conducted by colleges.

5. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Finance): BBA in marketing or Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance is a 3 years course consists of 6 semesters total.Each year with 2 semesters. In this course, students will study the practical and theoretical knowledge of various financial factors like insurance, investment etc. In Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance will cover topics such as Introduction to modern business, Basic accounting, Organizational behavior, Introductions to Computers, macroeconomics, Communication, and Soft Skills etc. For eligibility, the candidate should be passed in class 12th with minimum 50% marks from a college recognized by the government.

6. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Human Resource Management): Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management or BBA in HRM is an undergraduate degree in initiating and leading human resource in a company to develop the performance of the staff members worked at an administrative level. It focuses on maintaining job analysis, development, training and legal issues and performance in an organization thus behaving as a vital body of a company. 10+2 is basic eligibility of the course any stream and the duration of the course is 3 years. Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management average fee for a full-time course ranges around 3 to 15 lacs amongst the top colleges. Students who successfully complete their course with a skill set will have good job opportunities with entry level salary ranges around 10000 to 30000 INR.

7. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Hons): Bachelor of Business Administration honors or B.B.A Hons. is an undergraduate business management academic degree course. Business Administration is the management or achievement of business actions and in this way, the makers are executing a big decision. Administration defines as the universal procedure of coordinate people and resources accurately to direct actions toward objectives and common goals. The duration of this course is 3-4 years. With reference to its status, it is being added by both the part-time and regular basis. After passing the course candidates will have many options. They can go for Master’s degree and then for further research works. Candidates must be passed H.S.C (10+2) exam from any stream with English as passing subject and 45% minimum marks in 12th standard.

8. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Computer Applications): BBA in Computer Applications or Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Applications is a credit-based 3-year full-time undergraduate professional course. The course is divided into 6 semesters. In the sixth semester, students will take over project work. 10+2 or equivalent qualification from a recognized educational Board is a basic eligibility criteria for pursuing BBA in Computer Applications. Graduates who successfully complete their course can expect an annual salary between INR 2 to 6 lacs in the industry, and also increment in salary depends upon experience and skill set. The program has been designed to provide qualified candidates specialization in a broad range of computer applications. This programme focus to produce opportunities in the IT industry, preparing students to face the various challenges and expert in computer professionals and, during the same time building business capability in a particular area.

9. Diploma in Business Management: Diploma in Business Management is a 1-year diploma program, the required eligibility for this course is a bachelor degree from recognized Institute or University. Diploma in Business Management is a certificate program which provides fundamental and basic management skills to candidates. The program has been designed to give knowledgeable and skilled professionals and business instant who is in a position to execute and output best results.

Business Management course contains actions related to running an organization, such as leading, monitoring, planning, controlling and organizing. This diploma program educates candidates for a proper career in a business management field where scholars will have the scope to perform business-related actions and management duties competently. Candidates will cover several scopes of modules like principles of marketing, Human Resources, Business Communication, Financial Accounting and project management.

10. Diploma in Retail Management:
Diploma in Retail Management is a full-time 1-year Diploma course which is divided into 2 semesters. In the Global economy and in India Retail is a major sector. The main aim of the course is to provide a complete view of retailing, liability to issues and developments in the industry and an analysis of the retail environment. Scholars acquire knowledge on how to use technology in order to collect, analyze, and explain data from retail systems. The importance is placed on the basic computer skills used in retail that is the overall social impact of technology in retail and report generation. This course trains the basic principles of marketing that consisting of marketing strategy and planning, segmentation, product policy, pricing decisions, promotion, and distribution. Students also learn how to handle communication skills in marketing and teamwork analytical thinking. The eligibility for this course is 10+2 standard and admission process will depend upon the counseling after taking the entrance exam.For successful graduates and depending upon the candidate’s skill in this field will have an average salary between INR 2 lakhs to 20 lakhs in India.

11. Certificate in Tourism and Travel Management: Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management is an entry-level 1-years full-time certification course with semesters. The course aims are to target on the principles in tourism and travel industry, skills and knowledge in regards to the application of management relevant techniques. To eligible for this course students should be passed their 10+2 or equivalent level education from a recognized board/institute, and also scholars have done a diploma after class 10th as a part of 10 +3 basis of education can also apply for admission to the course. The admission process for this course depends upon the merit of the student and entrance exam. Scholars who will pass out in Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management course with the good knowledge in the subject can get a job with an average starting salary between INR 11,000 to 15,000 INR in India.

12. Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management [BTTM]: Bachelor of Arts or BA in Travel and Tourism Management is a 3-year undergraduate course planned for students who are interested to study travel and tourism management in depth. If you want to have a bright future in the tourism sector then you can go by the Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management course which is designed for those who have a passion to learn. Students will reveal knowledge regarding tourist resort planning, hotel management and transportation industry. In the course period, they also learn skills like Environment, Intercultural Communication, client servicing, Food Service Management, and Ecology. All these subjects are the basic skills for any scholars who are excited to make a bright career after successful completion of BA in Travel and Tourism Management course.

13. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Information Technology): Bachelor of Business Administration Information Technology or BBA IT is a 3-years full-time undergraduate IT Management course consists of six semesters. The BBA degree program teaches the student’s information technology syllabus in computer science, networking Information technology, and information database management and also covers information management theory and relevant technology applications. In the six semesters where the first four semesters are common to all the BBA programs and the remaining two give attention and focus on the specially designed topics and subjects corresponding to Information Technology. The eligibility for Bachelor of Business Administration Information Technology is 10+2 from any recognized institute with 50% marks and admissions for some colleges will have entrance test to get a seat. The average salary of an employee in the IT industries differs in between INR 20,000 to 30,000 per month which depends upon the company.

14. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Retail Management): Bachelor of Business Administration in Retail management or BBA in Retail Management is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course which has 6 semesters. It is an undergraduate retail management professional degree which is given after successful completion of the program. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Retail Management includes retail operation such as marketing, operation, personnel, buying, merchandising, inventory control and finance. It also covers topics includes retail customer service, marketing and computer technology, retail supply chain management, quality, store location and management, accounting, etc. The basic eligibility for pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration in Retail Management is 10+2 or equivalent standard passed out from any recognized school board. Successful graduates with good knowledge on course will get a job with an annual salary in India between INR 9,000 to 7 lakhs.

15. Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management: Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management or Diploma level Travel and Tourism course is a 1-year diploma course which has two semesters. Tourism and Travel Management is the analysis and research of the trends in the Tourism and Travel industry. This programme develops students with leadership qualities, skills and knowledge standards required to succeed as professionals in the Tourism and Travel Industry. The course teaches the basic connections between the specialized areas tourism and travel management, business management studies, prepares for professional occupation and also introduces to the methodology of economics and business studies. Candidate should have minimum 10+2 equivalent qualification to eligible for this course. Candidate with good knowledge in a particular subject will get a job with starting salary between 11,000 to 15,000 INR in India.

16. Diploma In Event Management: Diploma in Event Management is a 1-year diploma level course in event management. The candidates who have passed senior secondary & higher level 10 + 2 or equivalent with minimum 50% marks are eligible for this program. Graduates of any other category looking for a degree and ultimately a career in event management Industry can also apply for the course. Event Management is the designing of all the people, teams and characteristics, coordination and running that come together to organize every kind of event. Event Management scholars are trained in areas like marketing, producing, evaluating, analyzing and planning an event. Diploma in Event Management changes 12th standard passed scholars into professional Event Management apprentice who can also work in the growing hospitality Industry or can continue for further education.

17. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Banking and Insurance): The program includes the application of concepts of Banking and Insurance learning the concepts and fundamentals used and practiced in the insurance and banking sectors. B.B.A. (Banking & Insurance) is a 3-year full-time undergraduate graduate course divided into 6 semesters, covers the study of the basic views of administration with professional training in a discipline such as International Banking and Insurance, Treasury Operations, Investment Banking, Project & Infrastructure, Risk Management, etc. BBA programs and the last two focus and concentrate on the specially designed subjects and topics related to the domain of Banking & Insurance. The BBA in Banking and Insurance course is a particular study of:
Advanced Technology in Banking such as ATM, Internet Banking, etc.
Current Account, Remittances, Counter-Operations and Savings Bank.
Corporate Insurance management Economics for Managers Financial Management.

18. Diploma in Travel and Tourism: Diploma in Travel and Tourism course attracts students from all over the Globe, educating them with the practical learning and highest quality academic. It is specially planned such that classroom training is strengthened with the job oriented industrial presentation so as to fully hone the skills and techniques learned. This Program is a comprehensive and intensive program spread over 3-years. With a solid foundation in Commerce and Management studies, the Course specializes in Travel and Tourism Management. This effective curriculum design develops the student to improve to the demands and handle the challenges of today’s Travel and Tourism industry. It is an undergraduate Tourism and Travel course.

19. Diploma in Front Office: Diploma in Front Office Course duration usually differs from one institute to another. The course duration is between 1 to 3 years. Whereas Some institutes offer 6 months long training that has complete analysis in front-office operations. This course is a job oriented diploma. The candidates who are eager to take up this course should retain the eligibility criteria as they must have finished either 10th or 12th education with a least total score of 50%. The main desire of the Front Office Operations is to introduce the scholars to the procedures and systems required for Front Office Operations. It maintains the importance of high standards in personal grades and the presentation of customer service. Students will develop skills and knowledge in reception strategy in addition to understanding the key measure that connects to reception procedures. They will also analyze the suitability of various procedures for a field of hospitality fields.

20. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Finance and Accounts): Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting or BBA F&A is a professional undergraduate course in financial and accounting planning. To eligible for this course, a candidate should have passed 12th standard or Higher Secondary Examination with a minimum of 50% marks from any recognized bodies.
BBA F&A is a 3-years degree program consists of six semesters. The course is completed over the duration of six semesters. Some colleges will have a different procedure of selection as by conducting Common Entrance Examinations which are accompanied by Group Discussion Personal Interview and Group Discussion.

21. Diploma in Financial Management: Diploma in Financial Management is a 1-year diploma course, the minimum eligibility for the course is 10+2 from a recognized organization or its equivalent exam. Diploma in Financial Management course Admissions depends upon the candidate’s performance in a related entrance exam and a resulting round of counseling. Diploma in financial management program will suggest applicants to financial decision tools and financial management theories and practices that guide them to explain measure performance through budgets, plan, and financial statements and different financial strategies, manage financial risks and Such create financial decisions. postgraduates are hired in scopes such as Finance Assistant & Accountant, Financial Services & Research Analyst, Outbound Debt Management Specialist or Agent, Project Coordinator and Management Trainee. Newly joined graduation fresher’s Salary depends on an aspect such as job location, job profile and recruiter size. In general, at least INR 2 to 8 Lacs per annum will be paid to them. In India, the average fee rate for Diploma in Financial Management program ranges between INR 10,000 to 8 Lacs for a period of 1 Year.

22. Diploma in Human Resource Management: Diploma in Human Resource Management course can be pursued after completion of 12th standard education in any stream from a recognized state or central board. It is a certificate level course in the domain of human resource and its management. Candidates with 50% marks in 10th standard are eligible for this course. The procedure for admission to this course depends upon the merit of the student. The course is a primary level program in a particular domain. Scholars are equipped with basic managerial skills and knowledge in relation to the impressive management of human as a resource. Students can improve their knowledge base and managerial skills in the corresponding domain by going for Bachelor’s and Master’s level course. The course is mainly a domain-definite program that desires at supplying basic knowledge and skills of the subject to the diploma scholars. Diplomas in human resource management pass out students can look for a variety of options in terms of their career. One can decide for a career with companies like HCL, TCS, Samsung, Honeywell, Jubilant food works, etc. However, it is noticed that most of the scholars prefer to go for higher studies in the preparation before making an entrance into the job market.

23. Diploma in Export and Import Management: In export/ import and its related areas, Diploma in Export and Import management is a fundamental level course. After completing 10+2 education anyone can pursue this course. Some Institute offer course for 10th passed students depending upon their performance. Candidates with minimum 50% marks in 10+2 level are eligible for this course. The course is a basic level certification course in the specific domain. Scholars are equipped with managerial skills and basic knowledge in regard to export and import functions. Diplomas in Export and Import Management pass out students can go for a career like Imports, Exports, international supplies, operation execution, etc. But most of the scholars choose to go for a higher degree in the discipline before get into the job market.

24. Diploma in Business Administration: The Diploma in Business Administration program offers an analytical and solid module on Business Administration. The Curriculum encloses various aspects of management related to the professionals. The program covers basics in Finance, General Management, HR, Marketing Management and Operations. Diploma in Business Administration is a yearly course depending on the colleges and Eligibility for the course is a bachelor’s degree or intermediate cleared depending on the type of course. Admissions for these courses is based on the Grade and equivalent marks secured in senior secondary school or 12th class and equal to that.

25. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Entrepreneurship): Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship is a 3-year undergraduate program in Business Management. Entrepreneurship is the act of being a businessperson, the latter being someone one with financial, and innovation and business acumen, reorganize modernizations into economically profitable goods/ services. The minimum eligibility for pursuing this course is the completion of 10+2 level of education in any stream, from a recognized educational Board.

26. Bachelor in Tourism Management [BTM]: Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) is a career-oriented 3-year undergraduate course in Travel and Tourism. Tourism Management is a study of the hospitality industry. The basic eligibility level for pursuing the course is a 10+2 or equal qualification, with a minimum aggregate score of 50% from a recognized educational Board. The course includes advanced lessons in how tourism functions, how tourism businesses manage, the response of tourists, and the effects of visitors on a country. Enrolled scholars are offered a detailed mindset into the industry, with a focus on how the business has developed, how it works, and how it is advancing to develop.

Successful graduates of the course can take INR 4 to 10 lacs as an annual salary in the industry, increasing with skill set and experience.

27. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Tourism and Travel Management): Bachelor of Business Administration in Tour and Travel Management is a three-year undergraduate program. Eligibility for the course is a 10+2 standard from any recognized college with minimum 50% marks, preferably with Commerce subjects.

Major Job designations and profile for these degree holders are Lobby Manager, Operations Executive, Tour Operator, Front Office Executive and Tour Operation Manager, Travel Executive, Travel Agent, Information Assistant, Visa Executive, Transport Officer, and such. etc.

Graduates with this grade have an opportunity for the profession like Travel Agencies, Food Industry Forts/ Resorts, Hospitality Industry, Immigration and Customs Services, Hotels and Allied Service Industries, Railways, Transportation, and Cargo Companies, Tour Operators, etc.

28. Advanced Diploma in Business Management [ADBM]: Advanced Diploma in Business Management is a progressive level full-time 1-year diploma course in Business Management studies. Class 12th with at least 3 years of Diploma degree with 50% marks in any related education from a recognized university is the eligibility of the program.

Admission to Advanced Diploma in Business Management course is done on the basis of merit acquired in the qualifying examination. Some of the colleges will select the candidates by conducting their own course. The program gives candidates the platform to advance their intelligence of administering businesses as well as understanding the complexity similar to the field. Some colleges also offer this program through correspondence and distance basis.

After Successful completion of the course, the candidate can have jobs like Marketing Executive, Human Resource Manager, Business Development Manager, Accounts Executive, Finance Manager, Entrepreneur and much more. The average salary ranges from INR 3 to 16 lakhs per annum.

29. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Banking): A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Banking program can serve the skills needed to work in commercial or private banking, retail. Students advance in in analytic and management skills and learn to work with different financial services and tools, such as global markets and managerial agencies. Students can be individuals looking for an opportunity to get into the banking field who have analytical skills and high school diploma or professionals who already influence a position such as a bank employee and are looking to lead in their professions. BBA in Banking is a 3- a year full- time course divided into 6 semesters. successful postgraduates will get an annual salary in India ranges between INR 3 to 10 lacs, depending upon the applicant skill in the field.

30. Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] (International Business): Bachelor of Business Management in International Business (BBM IB) is a 3- year professional undergraduate program planned at transmitting advanced lessons to enrolled scholars in practical and theoretical particulars of international business.

BBM in International Business is a distinctive specialization offered to scholars in the field of business. The course has been planned to groom students for the fast-growing and competitive sector of international business. The course’s curriculum has been designed keeping the ever-evolving and current industry essentials in mind and adds application-oriented and practical learning.
For successful graduates, the average annual salary offered of the course in India ranges between INR 3 to 10 lacs.

31. Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Logistics Management):

BBA (or) Bachelor of Business Administration in logistics management is an undergraduate course for three-years which is divided into 6 semesters followed by 2 semesters per year. The Eligibility for this course is (10+2) with 50% marks. This course is aimed at the rapid growth of ever-demanding thirst in logistics and supply chain industry. Candidates also have an option to undertake the specialization in retail and manufacturing logistics. This Course provides knowledge about E-commerce and business management to learn concepts and processes involved in logistics in the usual curriculum basis so that they will be well equipped while choosing their Career after BBA Course. Aspirants Who have good skills and subject knowledge can achieve their goal with a minimum starting salary INR 3.00 Lacs to 10 Lacs Per Annum.

32. Bachelor Of Business Management [BBM] (Human Resources Management):

BBM in Human Resource Management is a professional course for three-years. Those who wish to pursue this course must have a qualified (10+2) level with 50% marks secured from the recognized Board. BBM Course aims to prepare the students to meet locally and globally for professional excellence with good knowledge and skills to apply for a diverse position in the industry. This course combines theory with practice to be relevant in the work environment also to apply for internships. BBM Course also provides you hands-on experience to make you a competitive job seeker in the HR Profession. Successful graduates can have an average salary ranges between INR 4.00 Lacs to 10 Lacs Per Annum.

33. Bachelor Of Business Administrative [BBA] (Sales and Marketing):

BBA (or) Bachelor Of Business Administration in Sales and marketing is an undergraduate academic course for three-years. This programme helps to develop specific knowledge of product promotion. It deals with the principles of marketing management to promote and sell products or services with an integral part of the business. BBA programme provides a theoretical course on socio-economic, business, marketing, and psychological topics to understanding the concepts of marketing research and international marketing to make a decision and to manage in business activities.

Successful graduates can set their career in the areas like Advertising Agencies, marketing research firms, sales manager, manufacturing industries, etc.., The average salary for this course ranges between INR 2.00 Lacs to 15 Lacs Per Annum.

34. Bachelor Of Business Administration [BBA] (Digital Marketing):

BBA (or) Bachelor of Business Administration in Digital Marketing is a full-time course for three-years which is divided into 6 semesters. Each year consists of 2 semesters. Eligibility for this course is the students must have qualified the (10+2) level from the recognized board of examination. Digital Marketing in BBA is a course which has the relationship between business and customer. This course is an ever-growing field in the digital world which provides an excess of career opportunities to understand the impact of digital strategies in the market. BBA in digital marketing course is an ability to achieve a higher earning potential.

This Course has a wide range of career options for successful graduates can have a bright future ahead. The minimum average salary for this course is INR 2 Lacs to 8 Lacs Per Annum.

35. Diploma In Supply Chain Management:

Diploma in Supply chain management is a 1-year full-time course which is specialized in Diploma course. It is a high-valued industry in any enterprise which is designed to learn the essential basics of supply chain management to prepare yourself for an exciting career. It is an ecosystem complex to cover the resources in financial, infrastructure logistics and information technology. Diploma course provides valuable skills and knowledge of the supply chain that prepares the students to help people in the advance of management positions in the business world.

The minimum salary offered for this course ranges from INR 3.6 Lacs Per Annum.

36. Diploma In Entrepreneurship:

Diploma in Entrepreneurship is a full-time program for 1-year. This course introduces students to the concepts of entrepreneurship and improves them strong foundational knowledge in creativity, innovation, market research and entrepreneur strategy. This Course aims to expose the new modules like small and medium scale enterprise financing, managing entrepreneurial ventures and exposing values and skills to specialize in a particular industry and to create new business ventures in the authorized industry. Diploma in entrepreneurship is beneficial to learn group discussions, group presentations, and marketing research.

Graduates in the diploma course can set up a career in any business sector with the mindset of an entrepreneur. The minimum salary for this course is INR 3.00 Lacs to 10 Lacs Per Annum.

37. Bachelor Of Business Administration [BBA] (Foreign Trade):

BBA (or) Bachelor Of Business Administration is an oriented professional full-time course for three-years. Those who have passed the (10+2) level from the board of examination are eligible to pursue this course. BBA foreign Trade course aims to offer professional and experiential learning in the areas of international marketing, logistics, and international HRM to interface the import and export organizations which are involved in the operation of international business.

Successful professionals are hired in the areas of manufacturing companies, the banking sector, financial institutions, import and export with foreign countries. The minimum salary for this course is starting from 3.00 Lacs to 10 Lacs Per Annum.

38. Bachelor Of Business Management [BBM] (Marketing Management):

BBM (or) Bachelor of Business Management in marketing management is an undergraduate course for three-years. Candidates must have passed (10+2) level with minimum 50% marks secured from the recognized board. This course is designed to enhance the ability to learn on different marketing techniques to work in all the aspects of management. It is the study of analysis, pricing, product design, promotion and selling of products. After graduation, Students who are ready to take the challenge of the corporate world into marketing management can start a career with the minimum salary starting from 2.5 Lacs to 8 Lacs Per Annum.

39. Bachelor Of Business Administration [BBA] (AgriBusiness Management):

BBA (or) Bachelor Of Business Administration in Agribusiness Management) is a full-time undergraduate academic Course for 4-years. It is a multi-disciplinary course which will have plenty of job opportunities in the agribusiness and food sector. The role of agriculture is very important in the Indian economy. It covers the improved growing techniques, agriculture machinery, and principles related to world issues within the agricultural and life science industries. It opens a bright future ahead for BBA course in agri-business and rural banking. The minimum salary for this course ranges between INR 3.00 Lacs to 10 Lacs Per Annum.

40. Diploma In International Business:

Diploma in international business is a progressive level with a 1.5-year course as part-time and 2.5 Years course is a full-time graduate level course. Eligibility of this course is (10+2) with minimum 60% marks secured from the recognized board. The diploma course is a completely merit-based process. This course is the study of concept in different fields such as economics, marketing, international relations and accounting tools including global financial systems. The diploma course has an efficient role to develop a global mindset to improve negotiation skills and managerial techniques. Also, You can expand your knowledge in international accounting, economics, and marketing.

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