Let America Think Again

Let America Think Again

Ever since the election campaigns have begun in the States, everyone, not just the US nationals, including the citizens of other countries around the world expected that Hillary would win. In fact, the Three Presidential Debates boosted all those hopes before the D-day.

But the results are like as if many of us were awakened to see a wild dream – Mr. Trump as the new US President. Despite the huge support for Hillary, the moral here is power does not belong to man or woman even if it is a democracy.

During his election campaigns and after his first week at the White House, Mr. Trump has been thriving on controversies that lead to grave economic consequences to his own country, partly to other nations.

There is nothing wrong in controlling illegal immigration into the US. But his election promise and first executive order to build a wall along its southern border with Mexico fell flat with Mexicanos. And worse as it is bullying Mexico to pay for the 1600 km wall.

It led only to arouse the boycott feelings of American companies in Mexico. AdiosStarbucks was one such boycott campaign. It was Carlos Slim’s words, one of the richest on earth, from Mexico saved American companies coming to their rescue.

In another instance, President Trump pulled out America from Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a twelve member countries economic organization which is on the anvil over a year. It was initiated by Mr. Obama with a vision to see it grow on the lines of the European Union. Mr. Trump, however, says it only benefit other nations and their companies.

Further, Mr. Trump’s immigration policies may severely cripple the American economy. For decades, America has been the promised land for innovation, research, technological developments. The best of world human resources is found in working American companies which have already made America great.

And who is on par with the United States threatening its greatness now? Even a wild guess will choose No Other Country as a right answer.

Time only will tell whether dear Uncle Sam’s policies make America Great Again or its policymakers say let America think again!

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