Key Success of an Entrepreneur

Key Success of an Entrepreneur-Think Small Aim Big

As an entrepreneur, you probably have a gift of thinking over big-picture. You can set goals and plot a general path to achieving them; and you know how to shift course when challenges and obstacles inevitably pop up along the way. But, to be successful, you have to take a step back from big-picture thinking and cultivate the ability to think small.

Long ago, Nike gave us a tagline that might as well have become the tagline for all entrepreneurs: “Just do it.” Since then, most of the motivational speakers end up their speech with a word i.e Just do it & remind us to focus on our goals to achieve them. The problem is that these motivational speakers are often just pitching the end result. When we listen it sounds good but when we step down from the hall we’ll not even think of it. But very quickly, we run into a huge question: How? We need to focus on the micro-shifts that must take place for us to get closer to reach our goals.

Here are five micro-shifts to all entrepreneurs:

1. Stop trying to convince others of your worth.

Don’t waste your valuable time by trying to convince others of your ability to create change, the sooner you’ll start attracting the people who already share your beliefs and want to help you win.

In your business be careful with the people whom you are surrounded by keeping an eye on them. If you’re surrounded by negative, cynical people, you’ll find it harder to believe in yourself. In contrast, by hanging out with people who are positive and supportive, you’ll be able to achieve greater self-confidence and higher levels of creativity.

2. Stop making excuses.

Excuses are lies we tell ourselves to avoid action. If you’re spending lots of time telling stories about why something isn’t working, you’re avoiding the truth. But instead of coming up with stories to explain your failure, work on being “present.” Fully dive into the experience you’re having right now, no matter how boring it is. That’s all that really matters.

3. Refocus negative energy immediately and often.

In 2016, a study conducted by Georgetown University found that a consistently negative co-worker affects co-workers up to seven times more than a positive one. You don’t want to be that negative co-worker — but you also don’t want to be the miserable person stuck with a negative coworker. Focusing on the positive often means cutting out the negative, such as toxic relationships, clients or habits. This can be hard, but it’s absolutely critical.

4. Be a relentless self-promoter.

You should always be your best friend and biggest cheerleader. No one will ever promote you as well as you can promote yourself. Why? Because no one cares about what you’re doing and who you’re becoming as much as you do. So stand on a rooftop and yell, write a blog post or publish a press release.

5. Celebrate your tiny wins.

Take time to acknowledge even the small wins. Your day-to-day tasks are done — win. You made an appointment 10 minutes early — win. You went to the gym or a yoga class for the first time in months — win. Share your happiness with whom you’re close including your family members & business partners. Because no one else can enjoy your happiness.

Microshifts work only when you’re fully aware of their power. You can work tirelessly day in, day out, plugging away at your business and never really feel successful. This perceived lack of success happens because we tend to dwell on the negative — an angry client email or rejection from an investor — when the reality is, we’re moving forward all the time.

By taking small steps every day to acknowledge the positive elements of our lives, we can micro-shift our way toward realizing this reality. It will take a long time to get your dream success but go through the difficulties, in difficulty phase you can learn a lot by taking small steps.

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