Intel Inside Story

Intel Inside Story

Intel Inside Story
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As days are passing away a lot of changes are taking place & going to take place in each & every corner of the world. It might be related to
1. Tools- Which made the results very quick & accurate.
2. Technology- Which made everything auto machine.
3. Marketing- Now everything is going in a digital way.
4. Apps- You are just away from one click.

These days they are some many companies available in the market who deliver similar products with the same marketing & same margins. As the above four parameters are moving fast then time, even people are adapting to the changes. The same case with Intel. In the year 1990’s the Intel’s innovative strategy of branding a semiconductor chip as a valuable feature when consumers look to purchase a computer. They did campaigns for two years but at that time it was an incredibly novel approach to marketing. People bought computers because of the software, the specs, or a friend’s recommendation. Who cared about who made some tiny chip inside the box that you couldn’t even see?

But with the proliferation of PCs, and with consumers at a loss in trying to figure out what made one better than the other, Intel saw an opportunity and took a major risk. The leadership of Intel’s was convinced to grow market share and the company invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the effort. By using an amazing multimedia cascading exhibit, Intel managed to convey the audience & to occupy large space in the market and the initial target is to reach the customers in big numbers. You can’t get the same impression by reading a two-dimensional ad in a magazine or even watching a television commercial. Intel wisely used the live experience to change the very perception of its company, its products, and its importance.

Intel also cleverly used its CEO keynote and marketing around the show, including signage, publications, and live events, to ensure that every Consumer Electronics Show(CES) visitor knew about “Intel Inside.” Soon, consumers looked for that label before buying a computer, much in the same way that they look for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance when shopping for toothpaste. By marketing itself in that way, Intel transformed into a brand known to millions of otherwise technology-illiterate consumers. Those consumers might not have known a motherboard from a mainframe, but they had “Intel Inside.”

From a marketing perspective we can learn few things:

1. Out of the box thinking

A clever company can create something out of almost nothing by thinking outside the box. Intel turned a chip into a brand and that brand into billions in added sales.

2. Successful Marketing Campaign

The way Intel has demonstrated their trade shows to create an indelible live, interactive marketing experience. The message passed to every corner of the retailer, wholesaler along with the media to know more about the chip. Nearly after two years of hard work the Intel team got good value in the market.

3. Keynote to the CES

The value of the visible CEO in enhancing and transforming the image of a company. Almost every year Intel CEO has to deliver a keynote address at CES.

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