The Importance of Research in Business Management

The Importance of Research in Business Management

In any field of study, without research, further growth stagnates. Even research in dynamic fields like business and management has opened a world of new opportunities, and impacting solutions to the plaguing problems cutting across the economies both developed and developing. And it will continue to do so. This writes up covers breakthroughs in management and business as well as the research scene at SSIM.

Operation Research— A Paradigm Shift in Management

Though Operation Research (OR) has its developmental roots in the later part of the 18th century, its true potential came to light only in World War II. Initially, it was used in the war calculations by the Allies in combating and later defeating the Axis powers. Since it proved efficient and effective in decision making in the optimal utilization of limited resources, the OR got widespread acceptance in the management of equipment procurement, training, logistic, supply chain management, and so on.
This is one of the breakthroughs changed the world of management for good.

BackRub—In the Making of Google

Another good example of research that has made a profound impact on business through information revolution is BackRub—the sobriquet for the research project before it was officially called as Google. Thereafter, everyone knows its story and googles practically for everything from everywhere. That’s the impact.

SSIM and Research in Management and Business

Research in management and business is very much in the interest of SSIM. In fact, its dedicated magazine called SuGyaan bears the witness for that, with an elaborate list of eminent faculty and industry-experienced personalities across the country on the editorial board. Its key areas of research cover both domestic and international interests in management and business. As an encouraging development, it has provided facilities and encourages faculty and students alike to take up research.

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