IKEA Hyderabad

IKEA Hyderabad Store

IKEA is the first furniture retailer in India ever. After 12 years of planning to launch in India and this is the time for launching in Hyderabad. Here the one more attraction Ikea is added to Hyderabad. The Ikea’s first Indian store is started in Hyderabad on August 9th, 2018. The Hyderabad,s Ikea store is a 13-Acra Complex in Hitech city. Ikea team visited 1000 homes in major cities to see how its people live. They decided to make around 7,500 varieties of home furnishing products according to the people lifestyles and taste.

IKEA Hyderabad

IKEA Products:

The showroom will display around 7,500 products and there nearly 1,000 of products which would sell for nearly Rs. 200 a piece. Ikea had already said it decided to move that the date July 19th To August 9th. Ikea expects five million customers in a year. The IKEA plans to starts e-commerce operations from Mumbai. Ikea going to start its stores in all major cities of India Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad very soon.

IKEA Restaurant:

The Hyderabad Store has 1,000 seater Restaurant. The Restaurant having global dishes and half of its having vegetarian dishes including Idli Sambar, Samosa, and Vegetable Biryani. The chicken will replace Ikea trademark beef and pork meatball, indifference to Indian culture preferences.

We internally call our Restaurant or food business the best sofa seller as it takes time to buy furniture. So we need food for people to stay. In India, for every customer on the cash counter, we have one paying at the restaurant. That’s nearly 50% of the customers as Indians love food.

IKEA Stores:

IKEA has an opportunity to pioneer modern retailing in the home improvement sector. India,s 1.3 billion people spend about $30 billion a year on furniture and household items like beds and cookware but 90 percent of those items are sold by small shops that offer custom built products. we are offering the furniture according to your lifestyle and taste with suitable and an affordable price. Visit the IKEA store and give new look to your Home and feel happy.

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