How to represent yourself in a resume

How to represent yourself in a resume?

If you are applying for any job the first thing that speaks about you is: “Your resume”. When you present your resume infront of the recruiter: the recruiter test you by interacting & asking few questions to check: sincerity, behavior, attitude and whether you are eagerly looking for a job or not. And they are so many aspects in which a hiring manager will consider. But here my question is will recruiters have that much time to go through an entire resume? Probably not. Because they will get hundreds of resume on their desk table & unable to go through each resume & it is a time-consuming process.

In today’s scenario, it is very difficult to get shortlist of your resume. Most of the companies use software to scan for certain keywords & to make the process more efficient. Here are the few tips to represent yourself in a resume.

how to represent your self in a resume

1. Sought out the most important keywords:

So before you pick-up keywords, one has to know the job description of that particular position and what an organization is looking or expecting from a candidate. If you don’t understand the requirement of an organization then ask your faculty to explain what it is all about. Then pick some keywords which are relevant to your job description. Here keywords play a prominent role to shortlist your resume & know the meaning of those keywords. Try to represent in your own words.

2. Design:

For suppose if the two applications have the same qualification, experience & skills then how to differentiate the two resumes. Here the design which actually attracts the recruiter’s eye but at the same time, it has to be very simple & eye-cache. Tips to design your

1. Apply single line border to the resume.
2. Use complementary fonts (style & size) for headings & body text.
3. Use icons for important points.
4. Text alignment should be proper…

3. Eliminate unnecessary stuff:

Try to eliminate the unnecessary sentences or words from your resume because they may put you in trouble. If suppose when a recruiter asks to brief about the sentence or a word and if you are unable to speak out then it leads to the negative impression. Cut out the fluff and use every inch of the page appropriately.

4. Make it scannable:

For any job posting, recruiters will get thousands of resumes. So, to filter those bulk amount of resumes they usually scan the resumes by using different software. If your resume lands in recruiters hand then they just have only a glance look which is approximately 6 seconds. Make your resume easy to read which means it has to be scannable with a human eye with proper keywords in it.

5. Single Page:

Try to convey your message in a single page which includes skills, experience, achievements & extra-curricular activities. If you’re worried about fitting in all of your experience, remember the company doing the hiring will focus only on experience & skill set which is most suitable for the job. Keep your resume concise by removing all non-relevant job histories.

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