How to Prepare Resume

How to prepare a resume for a job/ internship?

A resume is the first thing comes when you are applying for a new job. A resume is a one-page summary of your total academic, certifications, professional achievements, skills, previous work experience, and other details. Preparing your resume is the first important step to get the job and make the reader want to know more about you. In fact, more than 1000 searches are made i.e how to prepare a resume on your own and what are the important parameters to be covered. It’s quite disappointing that more than 65% of the students ask other people to just forward their resume so that he/ she can directly edit it. As a professional student/ management student it’s an unethical practice.

Company match your resume with their job openings and check out whether it is fit for you or not. Your resume to be impressive, brief, easy to read and clear. The recruiter will get hundreds of resumes for every job, so it is very important to prepare your resume professional and polished. If in your resume plain text in others, bullets in some places, bold in some headings, dashes in others and bullets in some places.

How to prepare resume

3 Best Resume Formats For You

First of all, to make it clear there are three types of resume formats which we usually prepare our resume without having any idea about it.

1. Chronological resume format
2. Functional resume format
3. Combination resume format

1. Chronological resume format: This is the more traditional resume format among job seekers. This format is flexible and can be used for candidates with any level of professional experience.

2. Functional resume format: This is also called a skills-based resume format. A functional-based resume format mainly focuses on your skills and qualification instead of targeting on your work history.

3. Combination resume format: This format is most suitable for candidates who are looking to change the company. In this format the main focus on technical skills depending upon the work experience.

Selecting from the above formats depends upon the type of your job applying for and your level of experience.

Note to students: For a single job post, there are 100’s to 1000’s of resumes which are received to HR. So, just make your resume in own words and describe yourself (A-Z) in a single page, this shows the interest towards your application and you’ll be shortlisted.

How to prepare a resume for freshers

Six things to be considered while preparing a resume which is definitely useful for the students(freshers)/ teachers/ lectures/ professionals who are willing to apply for the different level of organizations.

There are many numbers of resume formats are there to use. However, most of them follow a format like this

6 things to be considered before you are preparing a resume

1. Contact Information: In this area, you have to provide complete details of your name, permanent address, contact mobile number or telephone number and a valid email.

2. Career Objective: One of the important features of your resume is a career object that will be checked first by the interviewer. This is an optional area where impressive thinking starts to work on your resume and tells about what job you want. Be honest, straightforward and short. Mention the job category you want to work in and add skills and qualification you can offer.

3. Summary of Qualifications: In this section, you have to provide a condensed review of your qualifications as they connect to your Career Objective.

4. Education: Make a list of your schooling, college(10+2), Degree(graduation), city and state of them. Make them each a separate line. If your not graduate then mention the expected graduation date. List any courses certificates which you have completed.

5. Work Experience: In this section, you will describe your past jobs. This is the major component of your job application. Prove to them how well you handled your work in the previous job instead of showing what kind of job you did. If you want your resume to select for an interview for that you need to design every previous job information.

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6. Special Skills: In this section, your resume shows the interviewer you have the capabilities required to achieve success in the role. This part includes language skills, computer skills, additional training, etc. If you are searching for a position in information technology side then you must mention it has “Technical Skill” and give more information about what technical skills you have in areas such as computer programming languages, operating systems, hardware platforms, technical equipment, databases, and technical tools in which you are skilled.

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