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How to prepare for XAT exam

Before talking about How to Prepare for XAT, Let me give you some Introduction about XAT. Xavier’s Aptitude Test (XAT) is an entrance test conducted by XLRI on first Sunday of every year to select students for Management studies. Many institutes accept XAT score for admissions in their college. Like CAT it is also an online based exam.

If you prepared for CAT then XAT is no more a stranger to you. XAT and MAT are very similar but they have their differences.

1. To start with there is no on-screen calculator available for XAT.
2. There is no sectional timing available, you can attempt questions in any order you like.
3. You have the chance to leave 12 questions unanswered after that for every unanswered question you will lose -0.05.
4. Some sections like Decision Making, General Knowledge and Essay writing are added in XAT, unlike CAT.

how to prepare for XAT

XAT 2021 Exam Pattern

XAT Paper is divided into two parts, Part-A and Part-B.
Part-A has three sections:
1. Verbal and Logical Ability
2. Decision Making
3. Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

Part-B has two sections:
1. General Knowledge
2. Essay Writing

XAT exam pattern has undergone many changes. XAT 2021 exam pattern is candidates has to attempt 97 Multiple Choice Questions and an Essay Topic. Duration of XAT exam is three and a half hours.

For XAT practice is very important. The best and smart way to practice is solving previous question papers. By solving them you will adapt to the pattern and difficulty of the exam automatically. Not just that you can even point out in which areas you’re struggling and in which areas you’re doing good. By knowing so you can spend some extra time and effort in your weak areas. Many toppers who got more than 99% share their success secret as solving previous years question papers. So it was surely not a bad idea.

Attempting the wrong answer will lose you -0.25 mark whereas leaving the question unanswered will lose only -0.05 mark that too after 12 unanswered ones. So I suggest you leave the question unanswered if you’re not sure about the answer. Because -0.05 marks won’t make much difference. Even after 12 if you left another 5 then you will lose -0.25 but if you answer one wrong answer then you will lose -0.25. It’s a big difference.

Verbal and Logical Ability XAT 2021

Reading skills are extremely important for verbal and Logical Ability. Understanding the question is crucial here, read the question twice if you have to but understand it very clearly. This section is to test the reasoning skills of the candidate so don’t focus completely on Vocabulary skills here.

This section has 24 questions so don’t read questions too quickly you will miss important details. Each section has like 56 minutes time so don’t be tensed in the exam. But you have to quickly decide whether you attempt that question or not. Attempting mock tests will surely help you in this section.

Decision-Making XAT 2021

Here comes the interesting part of XAT. Decision-Making section is to test candidate’s Management skills and Judging ability. Here you will face questions from different scenarios. They may include Employee Problems, Financial Matters, Revenues, Ethical matters, etc.

What you have to do is imagine yourself in that situation and as an authoritative decide what is good for the company. Remember that you have to answer unbiasedly and your answer must be good for your organization. The situations are the usual day to day business problems.

These questions are usually tricky, so you better read the question very carefully. See what are the objectives in that question and select the option which will fulfill all of the objectives.

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation for XAT 2021

27 questions will be asked in this section. The questions are usually asked from Arithmetic, Algebra, Numbers system, Probability, Functions, Data Interpretations and Geometry. Geometry questions are tougher especially if there is no diagram. The Candidate has to be very good at maths to attempt these questions. Expertise requires a lot of time and practice. Improving calculation skills and approximation skills is crucial for this section. Data Interpretation is typical so you better solve those questions first and select what you’re comfortable with.

General Knowledge XAT 2021

General knowledge section has 25 questions. Preparing current affairs for the past 6 months will surely help a candidate. You don’t have to go in-depth for current affairs basic knowledge about the affair will be sufficient. Reading newspaper will be helpful. Focus mainly on the business section. No negative marks will be given for this section. Awards, Authors are important for this section.

Essay Writing XAT 2021

This is to know the candidate’s opinion on that particular topic. Analyze the topic deeply and state your opinions. Language skills are also important in this topic. Read Newspaper like Hindu and Economic times and focus more on the editorial page.

Many students are asking “ how to prepare for XAT in 2 months” If a candidate is already well prepared for CAT then even 1 month time will be enough for preparing XAT. But if you’re starting from the scratch then 2 months will not be enough.

XAT 2021 Exam Date

3rd January 2021. Usually, XAT will be held on 1st Sunday of the year.

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