How Social Media Impact On Newspapers

How Social Media Impact On Newspapers

How Social Media Impact On Newspapers

Social Media has already changed the way we interact with each other, now the biggest impact is on newspapers. As we see in earlier days people use to depend a lot on the newspaper to know what is happening around them. People use to wait for newspaper & even they used to carry them to offices also. But when there is a drastic change in technology, the way smartphones occupied the space in the market & the apps which are developed for news; the interest towards the newspaper has decreasing day-by-day and the consumers are not showing interest to buy it. But young members of families are found to be more inclined to read news online or on social media, Facebook is the main player in this regard. Currently, the time spent by youth on newspaper reading has come down to half of what it was earlier.
Here’s how news channels, social media platforms and publishers are changing the way we consume news:

LinkedIn Daily News Feature:

Everyone well knows of LinkedIn the world’s largest professional network. They have recently launched the Daily Rundown feature. This new feature is already available in new countries. It will send notifications to the users on news stories to keep them updated. This feature will provide users a summary of day’s top news, curated by the LinkedIn team.

Election News on Whatsapp:

Have anyone think of it, how we got election news on Whatsapp? It is quite a broad way to think. In 2014 general elections, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the leading British Public Service Broadcaster have come up with a different strategy to reach the target audience in a different way from the right platform where users are spending a lot of time of that platforms. They have sent the election updates, current status & notifications via WeChat, Whatsapp & Blackberry Messenger.

News Update on Snapchat:

CNN (Cable News Network) News Television channel launched a daily news show called ‘The Update’. The show goes up at 6 pm and runs for three to five minutes, featuring stories from reporters around the world. The reporting from CNN’s own anchors, correspondents, and reporters get published on Snapchat every day in various countries as per their respective time zones, with rolling updates.

Winning over Instagram through content:

When Snapchat blocked it ‘Discover’ service in few countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based broadcaster came up with an idea to provide news on Instagram in such a way that the content has to be informative, creative & unique. The way Al-Jazeera created the impact by posting the content on Instagram well know over their & currently he is having 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

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