Holiday On The Moon?

Holiday On The Moon?

It’s summer, again. Most of us might have already planned a holiday to beat the heat, a sightseeing tour or at least just to relax from the routine city lifestyle.

And okay with all those plans, what if the travel management asks your complete health details. Maybe your puzzle and think in yourself, “ why on earth do they want them as if they were transporting us to Moon?”

Yes, in the days to come humans may have a vacation cruising the Moon. And of course, the mission is not carried out by the NASA nor the ISRO nor any other governmental agencies. However, it is with a private company. And of course for profit.

After 45 years of Apollo, the mission into the deep space, SpaceX has been approached by a couple for a week-long cruise around the Moon. SpaceX is a private space services company based in California and founded in 2002 by highly talented Elon Musk.

The trip is slated to commence in late 2018.

Is this the first time to carry tourists into space? No, it’s not. Previously, seven tourists visited the International Space Station on Russian Soyuz rockets by shelling out tens of millions of dollars some years ago.

Maybe you might think that this is all American or Russian stuff. But you know what Team Indus, a startup based in Bengaluru in India, is going to send a lunar rover to the Moon. An interesting part of the mission is they are trying to brew the beer on the Moon. Yes, they want to know whether Yeast can thrive even in the deep space, a quarter million miles away from the earth.

Until recently, space programs are like a monopoly to government agencies, but it’s no longer so. For the capable young minds, through startups, are venturing into the highly ambiguous, time-taking and funds-consuming space industry.

Moreover, Elon Musk was elusive in his answer about the sum of the money the tourists going to pay for the trip.

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