Go Slow, Automotive Spring Ahead!

Go Slow, Automotive Spring Ahead!

Recently, the Supreme Court of India has banned the BS-III vehicles upholding the cause of public health. In the Indian context, this is something like – Go Slow, Automotive Spring ahead! India is one of the countries that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. China and the US occupy the top two positions in this aspect.

But in the years to come, maybe by 2030, the scenario will be entirely different.

The 18th and 19th centuries saw an incredible invention – progressing from horse-drawn carriages and bullock carts to coal-fuelled buses and locomotives to automatically powered diesel and gasoline engine vehicles.

As the saying goes – great things do not happen overnight – another invention will soon overhaul the entire automotive industry across the globe. And it’s none other than the electric vehicle! Top players in the automotive industry like Toyota, Hyundai, General Motors, Volvo and of course maverick Tesla are counting on this as promising.

In 2008 Tesla awed the world by introducing the Tesla Roadster – an all-electric car which can run 320 km per one-time charge. Since then it’s no stopping for the Tesla Inc. And now, other automakers and startups in the sector have joined the big race.

So, what’s so great about the electric vehicle?

These sort of vehicles will entirely change the economics of the companies and countries as well. This will not only take off the burden of imports of petrochemicals but also become a means of sustainable transportation.

Besides, combating climate change is a pressing and global issue now. Some countries like Norway, the Netherlands and Germany are ahead of the other nations in banning the carbon-based fuel vehicles by 2030.

In that way, the progression seems to be slow but sure to take place in the years to come. Therefore, it may be wise for all stakeholders – public, governments, and the automakers – to take heed the caution, Go slow, Automotive Spring ahead!

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