Should I go for an MBA or Job?

Should I go for an MBA or Job?


Usually, most of the graduate students are in dilemma after completion of the graduation, whether they should do an MBA or job. If you want to grow in your career quickly, MBA is the best option to choose. If you would expecting good designation and reputation, MBA is the way to grow in your career. The MBA college will provide the foundation for your career dreams. Any successful career requires much more than a degree alone. You need a few more skills along with a degree, which is really helpful for your career.

The Benefits of choosing an MBA:

Career growth:

After Completion of the course, MBA graduates have no.of options regarding which area is better for their skills and they want to go into while starting their professional career.  Ex: Consultant, entrepreneur, Analyst. Etc

Good Decision-making Capacity:

An MBA graduate can have many skills in their hands, the reason is they got trained in various aspects. Among which Decision making is a very important and very effective skill. Here we can see their decision-making capacity. Since an MBA student will gain experience in ways to make money and how to suggest others (in a different field/different organizations) to make money, they can take a very effective decision in terms of investments.

Planning Skills:

The student who has completed his MBA graduation, the candidate could able to plan very clear and effective manner. In terms of financial planning we can see their planning skills. It involves managing a person’s or organization’s money. It is all about letting them know whether their financial plan is sufficient for their future or they need to prepare for it. If they have sufficient, which the best way to use it.

Problem Solving capacity:

One of the best qualities that make a person pursue an MBA in the first place is the aspiration to identify and solve problems. They are very clear and detail-oriented in terms of identifying the problems. They analyze the current market trend very clearly and research the solutions for problems which they are facing and try to correct it.

Leadership qualities/good adviser:

MBA graduates usually familiar with giving ideas, they can lead (give suggestions) to the CEO’s and supervisors. They can give the right directions to develop organizations.

Managing capacity:

Some students start studying an MBA that they didn’t like to work under boss in their life. Because, MBA graduates have all qualities with their hands, so they lead their own business successfully.

Moreover, any designation that after get MBA, is very prestigious and well-paid ones. So along with all the above qualities, you can get a good package.

As I mentioned above if you select MBA you can get above all skills. If you go for job, it should be meaningful, like there you should be able to learn some qualities like leadership, decision making. Then that experience will help in your career. If you want to grow in your current designation, you must do an MBA. So for this MBA, your experience will be more useful. At the time of campus placements, preferable, the interviewer will select the people who have work experience. More over Some B Schools are preferably looking for experienced candidates.

One thing is to remember that is MBA is the degree any time we can pursue

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