Future Of Gaming In India

Future Of Gaming In India- Let’s Have A Small Discussion

India, a place where people spends thousands a month to watch movies with friends and family. But, what about gaming in India? Both movies and games are for entertainment. But the difference is, Games are just better. There is no point in denying that fact because games need interaction, participation. In a game, the player himself is the Hero, but in movies, it’s not the case. That Interaction is what driving crazy for many youngsters. There is a limit to the imagination in movies, but gaming is beyond limits.

Many consider games as a just a hobby, but times are changing now. It is becoming a billion dollar market, where developers and even gamers are earning more than a regular employee can ever imagine. Esports are becoming extremely popular, People from all over the world are participating in Esports competitions wherever they held across the Globe.

Still not convinced when I say gaming is more than a hobby? What if I say a gamer can earn more than a cricket player if he wins the Gaming Tournament? Any entertainment system needs fans and followers to become successful. Gaming has a lot of them. Many gamers are now streaming their gameplay through the internet and millions of gaming fans are watching them. Sites like Twitch, YouTube and many are providing a platform for gamers to stream their content.

In general gaming itself is fun, but when we combine it with friends on multiplayer, the fun will be doubled. Multiplayer option is a huge advantage for gaming, where we can play the same game with our buddies while interacting with them. That fun draws many people to gaming. wherein other sources of entertainment it is not possible. At present many online games are also cashing out on that multiplayer feature. Online gaming in India is also improving a lot, People are playing Rummy, Poker and even some games puzzle games through facebook online.

Future of gaming

The gaming industry is in three forms
1. PC Gaming
2. Console Gaming
3. Mobile Gaming

PC Gaming

When it comes to graphics PCs are the best. The best thing about computers is they are customisable. They can be integrated with high-end graphics cards, powerful processors and with great system memory. We can also change our display size. PC Gaming Industry in India is growing rapidly now because of the customizability.
Because of the power and customizability PCs offer, many big gaming companies develop great games for PCs.

Companies like Ubisoft, Eidos, Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, Square Enix developed some great titles like GTA, Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, Hitman, Need for speed etc which are the biggest hits in the gaming industry.

Many PC games are also coming with multiplayer options which are fun to play among friends. And Nvidia and AMD are building great hardware to experience smooth gameplay on PCs. And brands like Razer, Alienware, MSI and Acer are coming up with gaming PCs and laptops which will give the best experience for gamers.

Console Gaming

No matter how good PC gaming is, many gamers prefer to have a device exclusively for the sake of gaming. Consoles are meant for that. Many gamers prefer Joystick over keyboard and mouse. Actually, Joysticks make gaming easier and fun. Now console gaming is being ruled by two giants. One is sony and the other is Microsoft.

Sony with its Playstation becomes No.1 in the console gaming market. Many titles are released for Playstations later Microsoft joined the game with Xbox. Both are doing well in the market. And they are plenty of games releasing for both these platforms. The best thing about these consoles is developers release games specifically for these consoles, so they will not have any compatibility issues and users can experience the best gameplay out of it.

Now, Nintendo released its switch which is also getting huge popularity and many companies are already making tons of games for it. Console gaming Industry in India is very successful, Many kids and teenagers insisted on their parents buy a console for them. Mainly Playstation is extremely popular in India, Console gaming in India is so popular that we can find Playstation gaming shops where we have to pay them on an hourly basis in many places of India even now.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming is the future. Smartphones are getting better every day. Processor makers like Snapdragon, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and MediaTek are coming up with powerful processors with upgraded gaming performance every year. Now Snapdragon even released a processor called 850 to just to run Windows operating system on it. Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store are flooding out with new games every day.

Many PC and Console gaming developers are now focusing on Mobiles now. The main reason for this is accessibility. Everyone is holding a phone which can game, so obviously, they will look for titles to play with. So developers are now catching up with users. From simple games like Angry Birds and subway surfers to Graphic intensive games like Asphalt 8, PUBG, Halo, Modern Combat has millions of downloads under their name.

Mobile Gaming Industry in India is at a different phase now. Many startups are now focusing on Mobile gaming. The best part about mobile gaming is you don’t need to be a big name to make your game hit. Many companies like Kiloo and Rovio are startups in the beginning after they got the success they became big brands. Even Investment in mobile gaming is also low compared to PC and Console gaming.

Career in Gaming

There are nearly 300 Million gamers in India. 95% of them are below 30. There are also Professional Gamers in India who can compete with other country gamers in Gaming Arenas and Tournaments. Reports are indicating that the Gaming Industry in India itself by 2020 is more than 1.1 Billion Dollars. And they also show that the gamers in India will be doubled in figure compared to 2017. All in the span of 3 years. If that happens a gamer doesn’t have to do some boring 9-5 Job to earn money, he can earn it by doing what he loves to do. In Tournaments like Dota players will win 1 Million dollars. That is more than an average employee’s lifetime savings.

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