Franka Englesh?

Franka Englesh?

When you read the title you might think that the letters are typed wrong. Or the chances are that you think the writer’s English is a sort of broken (or butler, strictly speaking). And if you keep it aside what it means for a while, there is a pertinent question for you; how is your skill in English?

If you think of English it’s almost everywhere. You cannot imagine a thing or two without the ever progressive nature of the language. For it’s the lingua franca of our modern times like Greek of ol’ times.

It’s needless to say the need for the command of English in courses like MBA. The most of MBA grads, by and large many in society, may mistake the ability to speak for speaking fluent English. To make it clear, communication is different from speaking English. Often students struggle to express themselves (or communicate themselves).

Communication finds different channels. A baby communicates simply by crying, isn’t it? And it is so with English for professional like you. When you do not differentiate communication skill and the skill in English, you mess up both and miss the point altogether.

The point here is taken a grip of your thoughts first instead of throwing up whatever that comes out of. Then find ways to express in English. And you might have heard, to get fluency in English, to do this and that like the knowledge of English grammar.

Though that is needed, that’s not the standalone aspect. Think bacteria or virus. They thrive in an atmosphere that is conducive for them. So does your skill in English. Create such an atmosphere be it on your campus or at your stay. Make English dailies, Word Power Made Easy and English radios your companions for a brief time of a day.

To conclude, there was a debate on the social media site, Quora. Why companies like Microsoft, Google hire that not-so-good-at-technical stuff? The answer is simple as this; they have English to back them at the interviews and in the jobs they do. So, is English your lingua franca?

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