Few Tips for Personal Interview

Few Tips for Personal Interview

Dear Aspirants, after completion of the entrance exam and application submission the next step of getting into a B school are GD & PI rounds. In our previous post, we were discussing on GD opening and closing criteria. This article provides a few tips on personal Interview.

The personal interview is a crucial round where the interviewer will evaluate the candidate’s analytical skills, goal clarity, communication, domain knowledge, presentation and attitude of the candidate.
Here are a few points that will help you to crack your personal interview.

1. The candidate should take a brief introduction about him/herself:

In a personal interview, the first and foremost question is “Tell us something about yourself”? You will have to give the introduction of yourself briefly. Your answer should reflect your personality – your strengths, weaknesses and nature. You need to have clear clarity on your career goal, the reason for choosing an MBA, giving up your previous job etc…

2. The candidate should make the conversation as per his/her convenience:

There are some set of questions in PI which are probably the same, where we can predict and prepare for those questions. But some questions are based on your answers. So while you are answering you ought to be careful and wise. Whatever the topics that you are not sure, you should not mention those.

3. The candidate should maintain eye contact and should give crisp answers:

You should maintain good eye contact throughout the interview. Good and appropriate eye contact conveys confidence, self-esteem, honesty, Interest and Manners. Maintain eye contact with all the interviewers. Initially make eye contact with the person who asks you the question and as you answer the question eye contact with other interviewers as well.

While you are giving an answer it should not be lengthy and indirect. It should be short and frangible. Means it should be short, but it contains all the important points. You should avoid long and indirect answers. The interviewer may get bored and they will interrupt you in the middle. So you should not create such kind of situation.

4. The candidate should be Confident and Honest:

In any work, honesty is the superlative attribute; even in interviews, honesty plays a vital role to get your job. When the interviewer asks a question, answer with confidence and honesty. Guessing an answer cannot help.

And when it’s telling about yourself, why you want to do an MBA? Or why you left your previous job. Your answer should not be mugged up. Whatever you felt, say explicitly in your own way.

5. The Candidate should have General Knowledge:

There may chance of asking questions on current affairs, sometimes they will tell an incident and ask your opinion on that. As an aspirant, you should have the awareness of current affairs.

6. The candidates should be punctual and be prepared:

Being late for an MBA interview ascertain that you are irresponsible and rude. You should be there on time; you should look smart and decent with correct dress manner, appropriate eye contact, and correct body posture with confidence and a warm smile on your face will create a positive perception on you by the interviewer.

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