Electric Cars in India

Electric Cars in India

How many electric cars do you see while you are on the road? Most of you would say Zero, It is quite true in India. Our country roads are filled with petrol and diesel cars which results in a large emission of pollution. But if we see the roads of Norway and Amsterdam it will be different. There we can Teslas cruising on the streets or on the parking spots filling their batteries up.

Many countries have recognized the importance of electric vehicles, and are giving subsidies and other benefits to EV owners. Even consumers are showing interest in investing in an electric vehicle instead of a gasoline vehicle, gone are those days where electric cars used to be slow and ugly, Tesla changed the game and taken EVs to the next level. Now they are faster than many gasoline cars and even looks futuristic with their stunning designs and features.

Electric cars in India

One big concern when it comes to thinking of investing on an EV is range, If we take gasolene cars even though we do care about mileage their range is almost unlimited, we can just refuel it in a matter of minutes and we can drive it away anywhere, but it’s not the case with electric cars, We have to spend some time to charge it, and it surely will not be charged in a matter of minutes. Now electric cars are coming with a range of 300-400 miles for a full charge, which is surely not low by any means, especially if we use it in the city it will do great, we don’t have to recharge it for a week or 10 days. But when we have to take it for a long ride, like from Hyderabad to Vizag then things will turn a little unpleasant.

While it is not the same case with the US and Europe, Tesla is providing fast chargers like everywhere in those countries, 30+ minutes of charge will recharge the battery fully and they are good to go. Even though 30 minutes is a long time to wait, but we can use that time to eat something or to take some rest. And the best thing about these chargers is they are free, Every Tesla owner can use them free of cost across the globe.

Even though the Government of India is giving some subsidiaries to EV manufacturers and consumers, still companies are focusing on the gasoline market only. India didn’t allow Tesla in India which is a huge mistake If Tesla comes into India things would have been little different.

Not just Tesla, Many supreme automobile makers also realized Electric cars are the future. Many car makers are already designing their electric cars for the future. Companies like Chevrolet have already released their vehicles.

Automobile giant Volvo stated that by 2020, every car they put into production will be electric. Mercedes and BMW are also working on their electric vehicles. When it comes to India, Mahindra has released an electric car in the price range on 10 lakhs, And TATA Motors is in plans of manufacturing their electric concept e-vision.

We can surely witness more electric cars on our Indian roads in the coming 5 years. If every car in India is electric then we can see a drastic reduction in air pollution in our country. In the year 2017-18 itself, India produced around 30 million motor vehicles. The quality of the air we breathe becoming less day by day, going electric is the only solution to overcome pollution, Not just 4 wheelers, Companies like Ather Energy is also launched electric 2 wheelers. It is a good start for a pollution-free future.

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