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15 Free Digital Marketing Tools- To Grow Your Business

Yes in the digital world most of the agencies or the other companies who are offering digital marketing services are depended on free digital marketing tools. The reason why most of the people or agencies are depending to check/ monitor the results or to get a complete picture about campaigns which runs for a specific time period to know whether the things are going in a way or not.

free digital marketing tools

The tools which are offered by Google are:
1. Google Analytics
2. Google Webmaster Tools
3. Google Keyword Planner
4. Google Tag Manager

So, first let us break down each one of them. Just you need to sign-up with email account.

If you are completely new to the Digital Marketing then you need to go through:
1. Career in Digital Marketing
2. Scope of Digital Marketing

1. Google Analytics: This is completely a free tool which is offered by Google. This tool covers various metrics such as the number of active users, landing pages, sessions, search queries, dwell time, bounce rate, behavioral flow, custom reports and treemaps etc. It will record each and every activity of the user. For example, the user is filling the contact form or playing a video or else downloading a PDF file; each and everything is monitored and recorded which can be seen in conversions. To track the above 3 activities the user needs to create goals and events to know the conversions.


2. Google Webmaster Tools: The other name for Google Webmaster tools is Google search console. These tools show the technical aspects of the websites and the issues which are related to it. Parameters such as structured data, rich cards, data highlighter, HTML improvements, AMP, links to your website, any manual actions, index status, blocked resources, crawl errors, crawl stats, sitemap and security-related issues. This tools will provide you the complete information of your website i.e how the website is performing on the search engines and to know the internal technical issue.


3. Google Keyword Planner: This is also a completely free tool which is offered by Google. This tool shows the relevant keywords, monthly search volume of that particular keyword, competition(low, medium and high), bid amount(low range and high range), ad impression share, account status, organic impression share, organic average position and even you can select the date range also.

This tool is mostly used by Adwords team to get the complete details of the keywords. Nowadays even SEO teams are preferring this tool to know the average search volume of the keyword. Based on the search volume the content writers can write an article.


4. Google Tag Manager: Google tag manager comes under google product.
You can link the account with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. The purpose of Google Tag Manager is to know the link clicks and whether a video is played on your website or not. To know the link clicks create a trigger and enable the variables which are related to it. To know whether a video is played on the website create a goal in Google Analytics and create a tag in Google Tag Manager and enable all the variables which are related to it. It is an awesome tool to know the link clicks and videos played by the user or not.


Free SEO tools:

When it comes to SEO they are few tools which are more powerful but free service is offered for a limited period and the access is given to few features.

5. Moz tool: World best SEO tools are given by MOZ which is free for 30 days trial. All the SEO metrics are analyzed in a simple way and all the analytics are easy to understand.

1. Keyword explorer: It will give complete keyword analysis such as total search volume, average monthly search, average organic CTR and average priority.

2. Link explorer: First, you need to enter your root domain/ subdomain/ exact page. It will give the complete picture of DA, linking domains(gained and lost), inbound links, ranking keywords, top followed links to the site with PA, top pages on the site with PA, top anchor text with followed external links and linking domains by DA.

3. Mozbar: It will provide the information about the site DA, PA, spam score and linking domains.

6. Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog is also a most preferred SEO tool by many of the digital marketing agencies. It allows to crawl websites URLs and fetch onsite elements to analyze onsite SEO. You can download it for free or purchase a package for additional benefits. The features offered by free version are to find broken links, errors and redirects; analyze page titles and metadata; review meta robots; audit href attributes; find duplicate pages; generate XML sitemaps and crawling URLs not more than 500. Remaining features are available when you purchase the tool.

Other famous SEO tools are:

1. SEM Rush
2. Ahref
3. Seoptimer
4. Small SEO Tools

Content Creation:

7. Canva: After photoshop; canva is the best tool to create the images- This statement is given by the public. The tool is regularly updated which has amazing features. It is very user-friendly to edit the pictures or to design the pictures- No doubt in it. Few pics you can collect it for free and few of them are paid one. Based on the user interest the tool is segregated so the user can pick any type of graphics or else the user can go for custom dimension. You can create a team and can give access to the other members. If you love to edit or design the pictures then it is an awesome tool. For more features, even the user can go for the paid version.

8. Piktochart: Piktochart is a popular tool to create infographics and only a few templates are available to the user to edit who are using the free version. Other visual content like presentations and posters can be created with just drag and drop options.

Email Marketing Tools:

9. MailChimp: MailChimp is an email marketing tool where we can send 12,000 emails per month without investing a single penny just with one click. For free users, only a few templates are given to edit. Even this tool is also user-friendly in such a way that you can drag any buttons into the template. First, select the template; edit the template and add the buttons of your wish; send a test mail. If you are fine with the template the next thing is to save the template and run the campaign.

The amazing thing about this tool is.., it has its own analytics where it will show the bounced emails; a number of users opened; the number of link clicks and a number of unsubscribes.

10. Boomerang:Boomerang is a free app for gmail, outlook and Android with additional features and a range of email marketing tools. This will easily integrate with your inbox and the additional features are scheduling, snoozing, read receipts and follow-up reminders. This tool has its own unique and advanced features. It will show the subject length, word count, question count, reading level and advanced features such as positive, politeness and subjectivity.

Social Media Tools:

11. Socioboard: Socioboard is a lead generation toolkit for any kind of business and brands via social media. It helps in lead generation, customer support, marketing and engagement. From the central dashboard, you can manage all the social media networks which are active in the business. The accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. But, the free version offers to the 5 profiles which include scheduling features, CRM and reporting tools.

12. HootSuite: Hootsuite is also widely used social media management tool which allows you to manage multiple accounts. This tool will give the complete picture of schedule posts and give the information about analytics. In this tool, the ‘streams’ feature is available which will show the tabs on certain keywords and hashtags. For free version account you can connect 3 social media sites and for more features upgrade to paid version.

13. TweetReach: The tool name itself analyze the reach of a username, hashtag or a keyword by estimating how many impressions the post has made. In this tool the free version will not provide a snapshot of past 100 tweets, so to get a detailed analysis, you should upgrade to one of the paid options which is convenient and relevant to your business.

14. Socialmention: This tool shows whether the term is trending over the internet or not.
Enter a keyword in the search bar then you’ll the complete information about that particular keyword. This tool will cover beyond social media accounts such as blogs, bookmarks, images and videos. You can also see whether people are using your term in a positive or negative context, its level of reach, and whether users are mentioning it repeatedly.

Content Analysis

15. Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo is a content analysis tool which gives you a breakdown of the social shares for content published to any domain, allowing you to discover the most popular and shareable content for your own website – or a competitor’s – and find out which networks your content resonates with. Upgrading to a Pro account also gives you insight into backlinks and influencers, allowing you to see exactly who is sharing your content.

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