Key difference between B2B vs B2C marketing

As we see the marketing is booming not only in cities but also in villages too. The reason behind it is everyone is being educated in the right way & the sharing of the knowledge is from various aspects. In simple terms what others think about marketing is just interacting with the people & making a sale. But even marketing also involves two types i.e B2B and B2C. The experience shows the difference between them.

1. Business to Business(B2B):

Before you are marketing to B2B, first you need to understand the requirements of the buyers and in which areas they are focusing on. Later on, you need to analyze whether you are coming out with exact output or not as per the needs. When you are marketing to B2B it totally depends upon the logic & strategic planning of a product. Thus, one has to focus on the features of the product.

B2B marketing has a huge competition in the market so in order to have an upper hand try to be unique in the market. Mainly focus on the message of the product & services. This type of marketing involves a number of decision makers & large budget is discussed among the parties.

2. Business to Customer(B2C):

Based on the product know the target audience. When you are marketing a product to the customer, focus on the benefits of the product so that it will be an eye-cache to the customer. The message should be short, simple & genuine and in a convincing way so that the customers will show interest in the product. A lot of patience is required to drag the customer interest. For suppose if the conversation is too long, which leads to argument and the customers will not show interest in the product. Here, the consumer decision is more emotional.

If once a customer is 100% satisfied with your product then the customer becomes loyal one and the customer consumes the product lifetime as the customer can’t move to the other brand.

S.NO. Parameters B2B B2C
1 Definition The selling of goods and services between two business entities is known as Business to Business / B2B. The selling of goods and services to a consumer is known as Business to Consumer / B2C.
2 Customer Company Customer(End User)
3 Need to focus on Relationship Benefits of the product
4 Chain Supplier to Manufacturer
Manufacturer to Wholesaler
Wholesaler to Retailer
Retailer to Consumer
5 Chain horizon Lengthy Short
6 Buying & Selling cycle Lengthy Short
7 Decision Making Long process Simple
8 Brand Value Depends upon trust & mutual relationship Aggressive advertising & promotion
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