Courses After Graduation

We have analysed 14 trending courses after graduation, to crack your dream job

Some of you may wonder “Why courses after graduation?”. But believe me, in this world of the clash of clans, any little thing that gives you an advantage over others is so damn important. Previously in our country, If a person finished his matriculation then he said to be well educated in social norms and he is also able to find many jobs, later it slowly went up to graduation. Graduation becomes a standard to get a decent job. But now people are running towards higher studies, At the present day, the Number of students who studied Post Graduation is increased almost 100% when we compared to the last decade. It is a significantly ridiculous growth by any standards.

Nowadays graduation alone is not enough to sustain in this cut-throat competition, specialization in one specific area can make you stand out from the crowd. Even in general psychological aspect, the recruiters may feel bored to always choose from regular graduates, A specialization course will surely give you an edge in the eyes of a recruiter.

List of professional Courses After Graduation

There are many courses after graduation. In this article let’s talk about them in detail.


PGDM course

Many students after graduation are leaning towards Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). The syllabus in PGDM is updated when compared to MBA because Autonomous colleges which are not affiliated to any universities are the ones who offer PGDM, they have the flexibility to keep their syllabus updated when it comes to universities or university affiliated colleges the syllabus will change if only the university changes it. Most of the business schools offer PGDM. Many corporate companies are showing interest to hire PGDM students and they are lot of PGDM courses all over the world.

2. MBA


Just like PGDM, MBA also has a great value in the market. It will be an added advantage if a candidate holds an MBA degree over a normal degree. Many colleges and universities offer MBA degree. A specialization in Marketing, HR or Finance is surely an added advantage.

Hint: Know the key difference between PGDM and MBA

3. M.Tech


As above two are management courses, this one is a technical course. For candidates finished their graduation in B.E or B.Tech they can join in this 2 years programme. For those who are looking to get a job in their core, M. Tech is surely a good option.

Eligibility: B.E/B.Tech or MCA
Duration: 2 years



It is also a management program course but its duration is 1 year. Even though the fee is a bit high, for people who are looking for a management degree and have a short time to spend then they can opt for this course. PGPM is not a degree but a certificate course.



Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management & Activation. These days event management is a great source for people who want to start their own business and also for young graduates who are looking for jobs. Because of the increase in income, people are now celebrating every little event as a big event and are willing to spend so much money for it. That’s why event management became so popular these days. A certificate in event management will surely help a lot.

Eligibility: Graduation in any field

Duration: One year, full-time

6. Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management

Hotel management

If you want to spice up your life by adding some real spices in it, the Hotel Management is the way to go. Graduates from any discipline are eligible for Post Graduate Diploma in hotel management. This course starts with basic cutlery training and goes up to hospitality and management. And colleges also provide internship program for the practical hands-on experience.

Eligibility: Any graduates can apply
Duration: One year

Diploma courses after graduation in Commerce

1. Certification in Finance and Accounts

This certification is offered by NIIT Uniqua in association with Genpact. It is especially for Students. Even the duration of this course is very low, It is just 4 weeks. In this course, they will provide knowledge about business processes and also basic finance leading. In the course, they will introduce new technologies to students.

Duration: 28 days

2. Business Accounting and Taxation


For commerce graduates who want to be a professional in accounting and taxation, this course is the best. BAT course duration is 90 days and its fee is around 45 thousand. This course deals with accounting concepts, payroll policies, SAP modules, financial statements etc.

Eligibility: Any graduation
Duration: 3 months

3. Tally


Tally is designed for small-scale industries. Not every business afford or need SAP. expertise in Tally will surely help commerce graduates to get a job. Even the course fee is low for this course. Topics such as Accounting, Billing, Payroll, Banking Taxation etc will be covered in this course.

Duration: 3 months

4. PGDM Finance

PGDM Finance

PGDM FInance is a good option for a commerce graduate. For those who don’t want to do PGDM finance is really a good choice. Commerce students can easily adapt to PGDM finance because of the foundation they had and it will also help them to come into the management stream.

Duration: 2 years

5. M.Com.

Even though it is not a diploma course, Getting a Post Graduation degree from same stream is not at all a bad idea. Masters in their respective field will have a great value and also if they can manage to get a job as an intern while studying It will surely enhance their career.

Short-Term Job Oriented Courses after Graduation

1. Digital Marketing

In a generation where everything depends on the internet, either to order a pizza or to go look out for the best route or to book movie tickets, Digital Marketing has a way better future/scope than anyone thought it would be. SEO or Search Engine Optimization never end as long as people using google or any other search engine for that matter. Now CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world surpassing Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, He earned all that money by online shopping.

Now Online shopping becomes so crucial, gone are those days where people look at a billboard and buy something. Now brands are investing tons of money in online marketing. Facebook, Twitter ads and Search Engine Marketing is very crucial for conversions. So digital marketing is one of the best and finest careers you can choose now and there are lot of tools to analyse in the digital field.

2. Mobile App Development

Now everyone is using a smartphone. Either it is an IOS or Android, it is very rare to see a feature phone these days, even in the hands of a schoolboy or an old man. The thing which separates a feature phone from smartphones is Apps if you open google play store or Apple’s App store you can find millions of apps. You can find an app for almost anything. So App development is surely a smart choice. Many developers are earning lakhs of rupees in App development.

3. Machine Learning

Many experts predict that Artificial Intelligence is the future. Either in everyday life or in digital format it is going to be the biggest game changer a person can ever be seen. Google’s latest flagship phones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL achieved something that is impossible without hardware through Machine Learning. The Portrait mode in google’s pixel 2 uses only one camera while resting on the competition like Apple, Samsung and other use 2 cameras. Google Pixel 2 results are completely outstanding when compared to that competition. Even cars are driving on their own using Artificial Intelligence. In future AI is going to be used in entertainment media also. Experts predict that it will be far superior to today’s graphics and it is difficult to distinguish which is real or which is AI developed images. If you want to be in that future, you better learn Machine Learning. Companies also paying high salaries to machine learning professionals.

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