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Courses After 12th

10 popular courses after 12th that you need to know

After completion of 12th standard, every student will be happy as if they have achieved something in their life.

No….! Not at all.

You have just started your journey. As it is a hot summer most of the students will have a long vacation trip. After completion of the trip, the discussion starts between the parents and students i.e what are the courses after 12th? And which course should my child go? In this case, most of the parents have a different view so that my son/ daughter have to do a course so that it will be helpful to get a job with a high pay i.e (parents expectations). When it comes to students they will have own interest and opinion on a few courses. Let’s talk about India scenario i.e Parents: We came from Diploma background and my children shouldn’t go for it. Likewise, the conversation continues….So, in order to bridge a gap between the parents and students, we have come up with this article i.e courses after 12th.

As per the recent survey conducted by the education department, the overall percentage of the courses which have a huge demand in India are

Courses after 12th

1. Engineering- 14%
2. Management- 13.7%
3. Pharmacy- 12%
4. Commerce- 11.7%
5. Education- 11.4%
6. Medical- 11.1%
7. Science- 11.1%
8. Hotel management- 6.1%
9. Computer applications- 5.5%
10. Paramedical- 3.5%

The above statistics are general assumptions. One has to do a course based on the interest and passion then only he/she can achieve success in life.

To be clear there are 10 popular and trending courses after 12th which most of the parents and students are aware of it. Listed below are the courses

science courses after 12th
medical courses after 12th
pharmacy courses after 12th
educational courses after 12th
computer application courses after 12th
paramedical courses after 12th
hotel management courses after 12th
engineering courses after 12th

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